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... I seen my doctor, he said it might just be because I had a cold. I'm still waiting for all of my symptoms from my cold to completely go away. I think its getting better, but we'll see? ... (2 replies)
... I would call up the doctor and tell him the symptoms you are posting here. Maybe it's something that can be fixed. ... (2 replies)
... I had all those symptoms and tried Prednisone for 10 days, all it did was drive me crazy with lack of sleep. As for the symtoms almost all of them have gone away. ... (14 replies)

... Trecia, I have otoscleroisis but just recently had more hearing loss unrelated to that. It is sensory/nerve loss. They tried prednisone for 14 days with no results. They have no clue what has caused it. Do you have any other symptoms? ear sensitvity, tinnutus, ear fullness like your head is going to pop? (14 replies)
... The symptoms you described will go away shortly. Your hearing will get better and better over time. ... (14 replies)
... To all of you posting your day post surgery number, just wanted to say thanks. Today, I printed up the post on several different threads, to include this one, so I can compare start to finish to see about how many had vertigo problems, etc. I go June 4 to the Dr. and set up my surgery. Thanks guys and gals for your up dates, and especially the post op amount of days. ... (96 replies)
... Missy and Bob I am so happy for you both!! My hearing is well also. My hearing test isn't until July but like you Bob, I can definately tell the difference. I know it's gotta be normal and at times I call it bionic. I just need to work on getting the other ear done-in due time. Missy it's good to hear that you are doing all of the things that you want. I love your... (96 replies)
... Hey guys. My hearing is great. My ear is pretty much at full hearing. I go for a hearing test on 6/11, but I know it's going to be good. I'm listening to the TV at less than half what I use to. I can hear the tick of the clock on the wall in the living room. And I don't miss a word being said in group conversations. Bob Day 35 (96 replies)
... It's been seven days since my surgery and still no hearing in my ear. In the first few days I would get bubbling and tantalizing bits of super sonic sound but for the last two days no bubbling and no breakthrough sound. I'm very scared this means the surgery has not worked. I confess I also forgot yesterday and blew my nose, not hard but enough to cause a burble. No pain and... (96 replies)
... Hi Kendra and All, The tinnitis was bad in my left ear before this latest surgery. You know that buzzing sound that you have to stop and wait to subside before doing anything a bee flying through your head. That is gone, but I do get just a little ringing in the right ear once in a while. I had not noticed it before because the left was so much worse. I can live... (96 replies)
... JR95 My packing was a type of antibiotic ointment consistency. It was clearish like that too. Not sure what yours is. Hopefully, somenone can help you out. Kendra (96 replies)
... Thanks for the input..... But do you really think it is necessary for me to have packing in for 3 whole weeks?....sounds a little crazy... -The packing I have isn't like a cotton plug....IT is more like... well all I can see is a little strip that hangs out of the ear.....I am assuming that there is something stuck on my ear drum....WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?...or know..? (96 replies)
... Kristen I can't wait to be where you are. I just had the one done and I keep telling myself one down one to go. The only problem is that I'm going to have to wait a little while. It's not for the same reasons you waited but it was just so hard on my family to have me out of commission for two weeks. The baby is so little then I have the two year old that needs me. I can... (96 replies)
... JR95- Not sure why it would be three weeks but my guess may is that it takes about three weeks to mostly dissolve. If you haven't noticed each doctor appears to do this surgery differently. Bob and a vein taken and placed inside his ear (mine was skin from the back of my ear) and Missy didn't go back until 3 weeks and I don't think she even had any packing. So, maybe it's... (96 replies)
... Hi Bob That's great! It is so amazing to see where the volume is on the tv and even the radio in the car. I can't believe that i used to have the car radio up so loud with all my kids in the car. Hopefully, they aren't suffering any ill effects from that. I totally know what you mean about not missing anything in a conversation. I have noticed I hear things that I never... (96 replies)
... Hey guys -- My hearing is unbelievable. Sat I was sitting at home watching TV and notice that the TV was loud. So, I started to turn it down. As I did I notice that it was getting down to levels half of what I normally listen at. I put my finger in my non operated ear and notice that I could hear as well with the operated ear as my good ear. That evening I went over to a... (96 replies)
... Kristin- What happened that your mom would need to have it redone? I'm thirty years old so does that mean that I will need to get it done again in my lifetime? Yikes! Another question, why did you wait that long before getting the second ear done? Was the first one not that bad? Yes, hearing my kids (I have four, my five year old is the oldest) is much different. I... (96 replies)
... Hi Kendra, The reason I found this thread was because I was concerned about the ringing/hissing/popping vibrations. I also thought I might be doing too much too soon. I have a 40 pound 3 year old and the car seat thing doesn't work too well without some lifting and sometimes you just forget or just want to lift them :) I think these hearing changes are just part of the... (96 replies)
... Hello Bob, Just a note of encouragement. When I had my first ear done, I did not hear a thing until about 3 weeks post op and then it was instant! I was taking a shower and could hear the water splashing. Give it a little more time and good luck! Kristin (96 replies)
... Hi Missy, Wow! You had both ears done in the last 6 months. Did you have equal bone growth in each or was one worse than the other? Thanks for the input on the broken speaker sound. Yes, that is it! Did yours go away? I find myself wearing cotton in my ear concerts, windy days, when my 3 year old in holloring :) My surgery 12 years ago was local with no vein... (96 replies)

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