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... Hi Kristin, Congrats on the instant hearing! I'm not sure what you mean about vibrations with loud noises. I can't remember anything that I would describe as vibrations. I did have what seemed like a broken speaker in my ear with loud noises. Maybe that's the same thing? There also was a time with my first ear that it felt like I had super bionic hearing, but it passed... (96 replies)
... I guess I spoke too soon about the ringing. I have the ok to pick up my little 21 lb baby and so today was my first real day back at the mommy thing and of course the baby is sick and needs to be of the times I picked him up I got this high pitch ring that started in my operated ear. I can still hear out of it but the ring is rather loud. Hopefully, it's only... (96 replies)
... I still don't hear much. It's very muffled and crackly at times. I think I have a packing on the inside that still needs to break down and be absorbed. I can hear a bit, so I know the stick is still in place. I guess I just have to be patient. (96 replies)

... Hi guys I just wanted to see how you were doing. Missy, your hearing test is Wednesday, right? And Bob, has the hearing gotten any better? My family was sick this week and passed it to me. I didn't know that it was possible to sneeze so much. I surely hope I didn't do anything to the prothetic. I also had to blow my nose. I couldn't not do it. I did blow lightly... (96 replies)
... Happy Friday... well not much change. My ear seems to have a bit of a clogged feeling in the mornings and clear up late in the afternoon. This means I can't hear much in the mornings and some in the evenings. Still not hearing all that much, even in the evenings. Real hope that things begin to break loose this weekend or early next week in terms of hearing improving. I... (96 replies)
... Kendra! I'm so happy for you! :D That first shot of hearing is AMAZING isn't it? Hope it keeps getting better and better for you. I'm pleasantly surprised today. I've been periodically checking my hearing in my newly operated ear by trying it out on phone calls. It was really good today, definitely louder than a couple of days ago. Maybe there is hope for this one. ... (96 replies)
... I can hear so well. It made me want to cry when I left the drs office. All of the things that I've missed. I surely hope that it continues to get better. The doc said that I should be 100%. Let's just see how the next week goes. I go for a hearing test in 8 weeks. A sidenote: I was on cloud nine when I left the drs office and well pushed the car to the limits and ran... (96 replies)
... Missy- I'm sorry you don't have anything going on in there. Since we don't know let's not downgrade it yet. It could be fine. Your doc didn't seem too concerned. No the baby isn't walking yet but trying. That makes it worse because he pulls up on my leg and wants me to pick him up. I just stare down at him and tell him that I can't pick him up. It's a sad thing for... (96 replies)
... I had tinnitus before the surgery and still have it. It's worse right now, but hope that it calms down a bit as the ear continues to heal. Bob Day 12 (96 replies)
... Missy That's great you are going back to be an RN. Good hours and good pay. My sister in law is an RN at one of the local hospitals and she makes as much as her husband who works full time! She is able to work 2-3 nights a week and still be there for her four boys. Holiday pay is HUGE. Great profession if you can deal with bodily fluids. :) I am a part time teacher,... (96 replies)
... eo22 You give me hope!!!!!!!!! Kendra Day 8 (96 replies)
... Would I do the other ear if it needed it??? Absolutely. With the experiance of very little pain and dizzyness and future looking so bright for being able to hear, why wouldn't you? I know you can't count on having the same experiance the second time, but even if I had to stay on pain pills for a few more days and had some more dizzyness, it would still be worth it. (96 replies)
... e022- Well.....I'm anxiously awaiting. I'll check back in an hour or so. My countdown has started. I go back on Thursday for the vacuum. Kendra Day 7 (96 replies)
... Yes, my ear has been popping open and close since Friday afternoon. Feels like the packing is moving around and opening up the ear drum. Very loud noise when its popped open. Went out to dinner Friday night and it opened up and all the crowd noise was VERY loud and a bit of a over load to my head. The vibrating feeling was a bit unconfortable, although it was off set my... (96 replies)
... You say patato, I say potato. Day 8 or 9... 7 or 8... who's to say? Your ear is pounding??? And your happy :-) Amazing what makes us happy. Hey, I slept last night in my recliner and I woke up three times, but no excessive noise/pounding in my ear and I was able to go right back to sleep. I think I will continue to do this for a few more days. So, if you are at... (96 replies)
... Thanks Bob. My surgery was last Thursday, so I guess I'm actually on day 8, not 9. I was counting surgery day as 1. It's good to know we're only one day apart. I've just come in from playing with my son and I'm happy to report that my ear is POUNDING! Yay! Crazy, I know, but I'm relieved for the moment! Missy day 8, not 9! (96 replies)
... Surgery was last Friday, so day 7? I go on Monday, day 10 to get the packing out. Bob Day 7 (96 replies)
... Sounds like you are both doing great! eo22...what day are you on? I know I should scroll back and figure it out, but I'm too lazy! :rolleyes: Missy day 9 (96 replies)
... Hi Kendra, I just typed a big response and my computer dumped it ~ ugh! Yes, I did have an itchy ear last time and every now and then this time, too. It's maddening to not be able to scratch it! I think you would be ok driving now if you aren't having any dizzy/off-balance spells. Did your dr restrict you for a long period of time? I'm not hearing out of my... (96 replies)
... Hey Last night I woke up at 5 and had a really bad case of itchy ear. My ear itched really bad on the inside. I then realized that I had forgotten to take my antibiotics and took them. Missy-did your ear itch the last time? How about this time? e022-Since you are back to work, how are you keeping with the restrictions? Don't you have to bend down or lift things? ... (96 replies)

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