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... Thanks MMFL - I think I may go back to sleeping in my recliner tonight. That's how I slept the first few nights. I'm thinking I'll be more comfortable and possibly with the head elavated, there will less blood pumping to my head and less of pounding pumping sounds to keep me awake. We'll see. Wow, you hearing test is amazing. I can't wait. (96 replies)
... eo22...I'm not sure where you may find this type of pillow in a store, but I'm going to try to link to a website where it can be ordered. At least if you look at the picture you may get a better idea of what it is, maybe it's something you can make out of foam rubber yourself if you don't want to order it? ... (96 replies)
... MMFL - your probably right on pulse pounding thing, as it is more likely due to the swelling then the packing. O'Well, it's a minor thing compared to some of dizziness stories I've read. Happy that this is the worse thing I've incountered. I've got to get me one of those T pillows. Any thoughts on where? Walgreens? Walmart? (96 replies)

... hi eo22...I wouldn't count on that pulse pounding going away when you get your packing out. I didn't have any packing either surgery and the pounding is there. I actually remember it being one of the last things to go away from my first surgery, it probably went on for more than a month. I hope you get some relief before then, but I just wanted you to know it can be normal... (96 replies)
... That pillow does sound nice. I have never heard of that. I have the pounding sensation too. It does sound like blood running through your veins. It is the strangest sound/feeling. The sleeping situation is really starting to bother me. It's like I don't want to go to bed at night because I know what is to come...a night full of tossing and turning and worrying... (96 replies)
... gboyz - well I check the Dr's do's and don'ts and the sleeping thing isn't on there. However, I turned over on it a couple a nights ago and woke up with a unconfortable sore feeling. I think I will stay off of it for a while. The rest of the stuff on my Dr's sheet is the same as your directions about blowing my nose, get it wet, lift anything heavy, sneezing, etc. I... (96 replies)
... I never got a sheet of Do's and Don'ts. I'd be interested in knowing what is on that sheet. I was just pretty much told not to blow my nose, get it wet, lift anything heavy, bend down, and to sneeze with my mouth open. If you have better insight, please list. I need all the info. I can get. Thanks e022 and did your sheet say no sleeping on the operated ear? Missy... (96 replies)
... gboyz - you know what, you may be right. I'll need to check the sheet of do's and don'ts the Dr gave me, when I get home tonight. The not sleeping on it may be in there. Your also correct in the ear out of whack in the morning thing. I think you sleep with your ear horizotal all night, then turn it up right and it takes a bit for it to adjust. My two short bits with... (96 replies)
... e022 Did your doc tell you not to sleep on that ear? My doc never said anything about that. I just remember reading it on here a few months ago. I notice it's when I get up from sleeping that my ear feels all out of whack. Is it that way for you? (96 replies)
... e022 no it's 250, you might be right just different docs. That's great you are back at work already and feeling great. I think I'm 3 days behind you. All- When it comes to sleep, are you guys sleeping on your operated ear? I read some time ago on these posts not to sleep on the operated ear. So, I've not gotten good sleep mainly due to the worry of sleeping on my left... (96 replies)
... gboyz - Keflex, 250mg, 4X day for 10 days. Are you taking 500mgs? Maybe just different DR's. I feel great today. Back to work for the second day, my fifth day since surgery. No dizziness, a little tired due to I don't sleep well at night. I seem to wake up a few times during the night. Still taking some Advil through out the day for the soreness. (96 replies)
... e022 and Missy Thanks for the showering tips. I am going to conquer that at some point today. My husband doesn't understand the difficulty of the situation. He just thinks you can just take a bath. I have found it is really hard for people to understand exactly what is happening to me. That's why it's great that you guys are here. e022 You are taking Keflex 4X a day.... (96 replies)
... I agree with gboyz. I only took three of the pain pills the first day. 6PM, 10PM, and 4AM, then moved to Advil at noon the next day. Never took any of the Vicodin, and I am taking KEFLEX antibiotics four times a day. I'm sure the limited use of these drugs did help me get thru this period easier. Showering --- I have some cotton in my ear, but I don't do the vaseline... (96 replies)
... Missy I haven't really been tired at all. Are you taking meds? I just put the connection together today that when I take the vicodin, I feel dizzy and different. I will not be taking it anymore. Besides, I don't really need it. I feel a little pain and decide to take a vicodin, what is wrong with me? I will try to stick to the tylenol. I prob. don't need any pain meds.... (96 replies)
... I'd like to hear more about what is done with the vein too, if you know more. The blood used in my surgery was just used topically, to seal, the way I understand it. I'm finally starting to get something going on inside my ear, here on day 7. I feel it opening and closing a bit, have a wet feeling and am starting to get occasional wooshing sounds. Are you guys still... (96 replies)
... Blood, wow, that may work the same way as the vein. I think the scrapping of tissue inside the ear is probably just more trama to the ear, so they've figured out how to use these other methods. gboyz - I have significant ringing in my ear also. I try not to get too excited about any of the noises I hear right now, as with the swelling and packings, I hear all kinds of... (96 replies)
... This morning I stretched and heard a pop. I can not hear very well out of the operated ear now. I know that it is suppose to come and go so I will wait for it to come back. I am trying to take it easy. It's hard when you feel well and you feel like you can do things. The reality shouldn't do those things. I've been trying to be still. I don't understand... (96 replies)
... One thing I notice is a louder ringing in my ear as before the surgery. I'm hoping the ringing GOES AWAY!! I despise the ringing. Missy- You prob. already said but when was your last ear operated on. What is the time between the two ears being operated on and was it the same doc? e022-Since this is a genetic hearing loss disorder, do you know who in your family had... (96 replies)
... MMFL - did you DR use a bit of vein or some tissue from inside your ear to close the hole. I'm thinking that the vein could be the reason for my quick recovery. My Dr said that it helps with the dizziness. That and the fact that my surgeon has done hundreds of these and probably is doing it with the least amount of trama to the ear are my thoughts. (96 replies)
... e022... Welcome. I'm glad to hear of your good experience. I've had much the same. It hasn't been perfect but it's only been two days. I have some popping and I have mild pain. I also have that slight taste sensation on the operated side of my tongue, which I've read on the posts to be common. Please continue to tell your story. I go on 5/8 to get the packing... (96 replies)

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