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... On January 11 2001, life as I knew it ended. My left ear was plugged with wax, I could not hear and it was very uncomfortable. I went to the Walk In Clinic, hoping that the doctor would flush it out. ... (7 replies)
... For almost three years, I have been suffering from this horrible thumping in my left and sometimes right ear. ... (0 replies)
... g my sixth month of suffering from eustachian tube dysfunction of my left ear. It was caused by high pressure trauma to my ear. On the least intolerable days, my ear feels constantly blocked to varying degrees. Often I feel this unbearable twitching and thumping. Other times, when I swallow, there is snapping and crackling. ... (0 replies)

Left ear.........
Sep 29, 2007
... All of a sudden my left ear feels weird....painful to the touch on the outside and the inside. I can hear thumping and i'm not sure if I'm hearing my own ear drum or my own heart and if I burp hard enough I hear what dare I say reminds me of a glitch and it feels painful at the same time and even when I swallow hard. ... (2 replies)
... The morning after punching out my left ear, I returned to the walk in clinic. I saw the same doctor. I made up a story that I had tripped and fallen and hit my ear against a wall. He looked VERY surprised. I told him that it felt like my ear drum was perforated. He looked in my ear and saw nothing but swelling. ... (7 replies)
... sometimes there is snapping and popping when I swallow, sometimes I hear myself breathing followed by a hideous pop and I experience this maddening twitching and thumping in my ear. Sometimes this even happens in my good ear. Two days ago, I was awakened by a thumping sensation in my good ear. This lasted for ten seconds. ... (2 replies)
... your Docs. have told you that you have nothing life threatening be Glad. Think of those that do. There are not always fixes for some of our injuries. I have an ear problem.....contant well as cervical spine problems with chronic pain. We have to sometimes learn to live with these things. ... (4 replies)
... January 11, 2001. Life as I new it ended. My left ear was plugged with wax. The doctor could not flush it out. I tried mineral oil which made it worse. Desperatly, I tried plunging it with my hand. ... (4 replies)
... For the past five months, I have been going through the hell of eustachian tube dysfunction. This was due to trauma to the ear drum. On the best days, my left ear feels very plugged and uncomfortable. Other days, I feel this very maddening twitching and thumping in my left ear. ... (3 replies)
... tell people to place restrictions on their lives. I believe that I too have difficult ears, curved canals. My general practitioner has great difficulty seeing my ear drum. It would stand to reason that if I go through with the PET insertion, there is a greater risk of injury or irritation. ... (14 replies)
Ear flutters
Jun 25, 2002
... The fluttering that you all are getting may be caused by a muscle in the middle ear. I have these horrible thumping sensations in both ears. The ENT said they are caused by this muscle. ... (12 replies)
... ering from dynamic eustachian tube dysfunction in my left ear. Symptoms vary from a plugged tender feeling, snapping, crackling while swallowing to twitching and thumping sensations in that ear. Once in a while, I hear myself breathing and feel a very uncomfortable pressure sensation in my ear. ... (1 replies)
... Your ear drum vibrating may be caused by a middle ear muscle spasming when you hear these high pitch sounds. I have these isolated thumping sensations in both my ears. The ENT said they are caused by the middle ear muscle. ... (1 replies)
... my home to cheer me up. During this time, I took one 30 mg Empracet and one 2 mg Clonazepam pill. They calmed my nerves and dulled the maddening discomfort of my ear drum thumping again and again. Gradually, over the next hour, the thumping became less and less, then went away. ... (2 replies)
... Untill January 12th, 2001, I had a healthy life which I did not fully appreciate. Then, life as I knew it ended. My left ear was injured, resulting in a perforated ear drum, swollen auditory canal and infected middle ear. ... (14 replies)
Hi again Nathan
Sep 3, 2003
... Dr. Poe did tell me that sometimes people need a tube in their ear drum to equalize air pressure if the patulous eustachian tube is over corrected. ... (2 replies)
... muscle spasms inside my eustachian tubes sending shockwaves against my ear drum stop. If I can't stop the thumping, I will go crazy. I will be a danger to myself. ... (7 replies)
... still nothing helped so I began to think "theres something more serious wrong here, cause I had spoken to people I knew who had inner ear problems and they didn't have my symptoms". ... (10 replies)
... years ago. I was fortunate enough to have a laser stapedectomy performed by the pioneer of laser stapedectomies, Dr. Rodney Perkins of the Stanford California Ear Institute. ... (35 replies)
... th a condition that bothers me almost every waking hour of my life. What you told me about the crackling, popping returning after the PET tube was placed in your ear does sound like a good warning. My initial injury consisted of a perforated ear drum and the popping and crackling was 20x worse back then. ... (14 replies)

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