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... tap in my left ear. The sound is like a pin tapping glass or a surface very very lightliy and is very irritating. if i step very softly i dont hear it. ... (1 replies)
Water in my ear?
Jun 30, 2001
... Hello. I've been swimming lots of times, and sometimes I get water stuck in an ear. Usually, it goes away. Yesterday, I went swimming in the evening, and same thing happened. Only this time, it hasn't gone away yet. Other times, my ear feels fine after an hour or two. ... (3 replies)
... how can i tell if it is water or wax in my ear? ... (1 replies)

... Several days ago I was wetting my hair under the sink and got some water in my left ear. Waited a couple of days for it to go away, but now I have a stuffed feeling inside of the ear, as well as tinnitus. ... (0 replies)
... tub spout then let the water to the shower head then sprayed toward my ear until it felt good then it started to come out of the ear and that is when I tilted my head down to the same eared shoulder and the water flowed out....anyway it worked for me and no infection. The fungus from public showers and pools are scary. ... (3 replies)
... I am still very worried about getting water in my ear so I only risk washing my hair properly once a week, using a cup over my ear. The rest of the time I use dry shampoo. I only have one more week to go, however, before the surgeon said it was OK to get water in my ear again. ... (70 replies)
... For the past year I have had constant recurring ear infections. The doctor said it was due to water in my ear but this just started this year. I have never had this problem before. ... (0 replies)
... I get this all the time. If i get just a bit of water in my ear it goes all muffled. ... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone, just looking for some suggestions on a small issue. The past 2 days, I have felt like there is water in my left ear. You know when you are a little kid coming out of the swimming pool and your ear feels full of water and you tilt your head and it clears? ... (1 replies)
... Please help me if possible. I just lost my father Thanksgiving morning, and came back from Florida Friday the 3rd of December. ... (2 replies)
... I've never had problems with hearing before although one night I had a really sharp pain in my right ear and the pain was massively bad and couldn't sleep at all... I used everything like ear drops and that but it didn't work... ... (2 replies)
... You can usually feel the water sloshing around in your ear. ... (1 replies)
... days ago I started getting shooting pains in my rught ear. They can be every 3 seconds , 10 seconds , or longer. No set ryme or rythmn. But they hurt. They are waking me up at night. ... (0 replies)
... so sorry to hear about your husband but it is good that he is responding well to treatment. I used to work in a hospital with MRI scanners and it is amazing what they can do these days. ... (70 replies)
... surgery. Overall my recovery has been much easier than I anticipated. Having read everyone elses horror stories and also great outcomes really helped me feel ready for surgery. ... (23 replies)
... but that was because i did not want to stand up and my hubby didnt feel like showering with me under these circumstances. After that, showering is no big take a cotton ball and load it up with vasaline.. ... (64 replies)
... Zinging in my opperated ear so bad last night, I couldn't sleep. Also if I bend forward slightly it goes into a loud crescendo! ... (352 replies)
... I should have waited to post another 45 minutes on Day 3. That is when I hit the wall. BAM! Nausea and dizziness. I have been in bed ever since. The doctor prescribed nausea medicine and Valium for the dizziness, but I hadn't taken any. ... (173 replies)
... my ENT. I have noticed lots of great improvements in my hearing since surgery. I assume my packing is just about completely dissolved. I still have trouble filtering out noise from conversation. I guess in time it will even out. ... (173 replies)
... Recently whilst bathing water became trapped in my ear and partially deafened my right ear, I could still hear well though, it was just slightly muffled. ... (1 replies)

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