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... and it feels clogged but i feel that its slowly going away cause it was worse about a month ago. Now for my right ear every time i turn my head it feels like theres water in started doing this about 2 weeks ago, anyone know what the problem is? ... (1 replies)
Clogged ears
Dec 22, 2007
... I doubt anyone knows if it is curable since no one knows for sure what it is. I have been dealing with ear problems now for 6 months and not one dr can tell me for sure what it is. It may be this or it may be that. This may help or may not. try this and try that. ... (17 replies)
... You probably have a little fluid built up behind your ear drum. It will subside eventually but it does take some time for the fluid to drain or just absorb into the tissues. ... (2 replies)

... was told that I needed to take it easy. No nose blowing exercising could only be walking for the next 5 weeks while I was healing. I never slept on my operated ear because it was just way to uncomfortable not only would I get the pulsing but I would get alot of pressure too. I had that pulsing in my ear for sometime... ... (1 replies)
... is this ear fatigue, or something serious? ... (3 replies)
Ear Injuries
May 30, 2001
... I am posting this new topic in hopes that I can share my problem with as many victims of rare ear disorders as possible. Four months ago, I suffered a severe trauma to my left ear. It was struck by an open hand. ... (0 replies)
... I think the packing is loose and its starting to dissolve. Either that or there is fluid in the ear. Most of the time when I am standing upright the ear feels sort of open where low frequency sounds are getting through but not much of the highs. ... (33 replies)
... I have had troubles with my left ear for more than a year now. It seems to get clogged or irritated all the time. If I wear headphones the ear feels sweaty and kind of like there are things moving inside the ear. ... (0 replies)
... go only as far as your body feels comfortable. ... (8 replies)
... ke. I want congestion...funny but not smoking has helped quite a bit. If you smoke it helps to stop....who knows with all those chemicals in cigaretttes. My ears feels clogged mainly cloudy...especially when i swallow.....NOT normal at all. ... (66 replies)
Clogged ears
Jul 4, 2008
... I'm so glad I found this message board! I too have had an annoying ear problem for over one year. ... (17 replies)
... Recently, I guess Monday, December 20th, I started having this weird clogged feeling in my ear, right ear to be exact. Ive never had this before, and I dont know how to get rid of it. My mom has told me to pop my ear, but it isnt working, I cant get my ear to pop. ... (11 replies)
... do much, but now I have a feeling of hearing my own voice like in my head out of that ear, and BASS is real noticable in everything. My question is that normal when there is a hole in your ear drum, and will those symptoms die down when the drum closes? ... (1 replies)
I am now post-op
May 21, 2011
... My ear canal is still so very itchy off and on! I can't wait for it to heal so it will stop being itchy. ... (21 replies)
... My right ear is still opening and closing. It also always feels "clogged or full", even when it's open and I can hear. ... (352 replies)
May 12, 2007
... the House is kinda done. The only other thing they would do was to put a tube in my ears, but I dont want that because I know that isnt my problem. Somehow the clogged and pressure is in the inner ear I believe. ... (8 replies)
... One thing that concerns me about my procedure is my ear still feels clogged just as it did right after the surgery. ... (39 replies)
... Well, I guess it is an evolving situation. My ear still feels "clogged" but the quality of sound has improved, if still not to the pre surgery levels. ... (13 replies)
Clogged ears
Jan 15, 2008
... I am a complete sympathizer with all of you. I have had ear problems since I was very young. I have also been diagnosed with ET Disorder... ... (17 replies)
... Eeeek! I'm almost sorry I asked. ;) Actually I'm glad it will stay in place - whatever it is - because I more fear something coming out that shouldn't then something being suctioned out by the doctor. Actually my doctor instructed me to only wear the cotton as long as it was draining or while bathing but not otherwise. However, when I go out in the wind or in public I... (7 replies)

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