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I'm literally exhausted. I don't I know what to do. I'm trying so hard to be brave. I'm breathing slowly and deeply, but my heart feels so weak.
For details, I'm 23, female, non smoker, non drinker and obese (94kgs)
I'm just going to write about my history. Because it might help.

Growing up I was a sensitive child to light.
When I was 13 I got hit with heat sensitivity of some sort. I was having a shower one day and couldn't breathe. I blacked out, my heart rare went erratic and I had to get fresh air until it calmed down. Since then I've had this a few times over the years.
I also in a time period of my life (about 12/13 too) could not bend down and get up without becoming extremely lightheaded, dizzy and just sick. One day I got up and I fainted. I had a brain test done and I was apparently ok. Put down to stress which is probably it.

So fast forward about 2011 and I gain a lot of weight. Not long before that I was diagnosed with social phobia which I still live with severely.
I started getting pain in my right arm to sleep on in 2010. Which I struggle with still. It throbs. Not sure if this is related by worth mentioning.
If I didn't eat much my heart would ache.
I've never really suffered what I'd call panic attack but I get stressed in social situations

Over the years until most prominently last year and these few months. I started getting heart issues. Issues where I couldn't breathe at all some nights. Issues where my heart would suddenly just jump out of nowhere and hurt a lot. It was like nothing else. I dismissed it as being my obesity. But it would last for a long time. And keep me up at night.

Since the past year I have noticed I've became extremely fatigued as well. More so the past few months. An unusual tiredness that doesn't feel right.
The past few months I've had trouble swallowing and breathing and eating. It's been terrible. But for many many years I've struggled with swallowing anyhow.

Then March came this year. For a few days before that I was feeling weird from my breathing and tiredness and things like that. I couldn't breathe. It got worse and worse. I understand fear would've made it worse than it was. I was lightheaded, dizzy and my left arm and hand with pins and needles. I was so lightheaded, dizzy and just feeling like nothing else one eaerh. I spent hours dealing with it. Hours and hours. I felt I was going to die. I kept spacing out.

I went to hospital and they took a blood test and done an ecg I believe. But apparently it was clear. They were unprofessional however so I don't trust them. They didn't seem to know what they were doing.

Got home and spent the next few days exercising and ditched my unhealthy lifestyle for good. I ditched the sweets and soda.
Doctor sent me for chest X-ray which was apparently clear, I also had a blood clot test which was "high" but "not high enough" to indicate anything, still I feel this could indicate something.

During this time I was put on a trial of omeprazole and lorazepam. About 10 tablets. I was managing the pain and thought it was over. Even though I still had issues. Then a few days before my pills ended in April I started to feel something. My heart was erratic. I had a jump heavily in my chest. It scared me. I was at rest. My chest was painful and I started getting throbbing in my stomach. Severe throbbing which was so painful and upsetting for me. It was in my right side. I dealt with that for a few weeks. It felt like bubbles or jelly under imy skin trying to move. I rememeber going over speed bumps and feeling them jump with me.
During this time I had minor joint pain, leg twitching, head aches and lightheadedness. I've also had a lot of sensations to burp and burping. And coughing. These are new symptoms since many of these I didn't have in March.

Then one day as I was still managing the exercise after these pains came back I got hit with something. This was only about two-three weeks ago The pain hit me in my left hip. It was so painful I wanted to cry and I couldn't move properly. It passed but since then I've have hip pains which come and go on my left side. I stopped the exercise in April after the hip pain started as it is triggered easily.

Then last week I noticed some painful unusual pains all over which were mainly in my joints. Then one day about last Wednesday I was just doing absolutely nothing and I was choking to breath. My chest was incredibly tight. I couldn't for the life of me breathe. I wasn't breathing. I kept trying to breathe but nothing worked. My heart went nuts. Chills all over my body, lightheaded, weak and my chest wouldn't loosen. I was in so much pain I had to go to the doctors. I didn't want the ambulance or hospital after my lazy experience with them. I felt they would find nothing again

I went to the doctors and the nurse and doctor said the heart jumps are "ectopic (?) beats and everyone has them" which I think is rubbish for what I'm going through and "a panic attack" and "hyperventilation". And also how to breathe which if it really helped wouldn't still be here a week later. They sent me for a blood test which i am awaiting for which will be a waste of time. My doctor doesn't think its my heart and laughs at me and rolls his eyes like this is a joke and its only my "anxiety". He is sick of seeing me and thinks it's acid reflux. Which it isn't if pills don't help. I actually struggled with acid for years. Since I was a child. Fiery acid that rose in my throat from spicy food and in the morning for no reason which he said was my obesity.

I said if I can have a ct scan and he "can't" and he has no permission apparently. He mentioned an ultrasound and I said I can have that and he tried to shut me up as to him it looked as if I was getting excited and said only if my blood tests show anything, which makes me angry!! I want it done along with an echocardiogram and a angiogram and anything possible, I've suspected a aortic aneurysm or something with my blood pumping properly but I don't know.

Since then I've been in utter pain. My chest is tight 24/7. I have heart jumps every few minutes where I feel it's my last moment on earth. I can't think straight, my head is heavy, I feel very legit headed, I can't swallow or breath properly, I have joint and hip pain, I can't reason clearly... I've also has symptoms of being uncoordinated and losing my footing for the past few weeks too.
Every few minutes I'm feeling like I'm dying. Some moments I feel more at rest. But these moments are scary because that's when I know the pain comes back extremely bad.
I'm exhausted in my heart and body. I've been taking a heart spray called Glytrin since March which the doctor gave me which relieves the pain a small amount for a few minutes. It doesn't always work though.

I want to die. I'm feeling the pain right now. It never goes away. It hurts so much! It's been a week now and the pain is getting worse and worse and worse. I have no break from the tight chest and random jumps every few minutes. It's so scary and it sends chills up and down my body and in my beset. I try not to worry about it as thst makes it worse.

I feel any second I'm going to die. I don't know what to do, no one takes me seriously. If there's one time I get a break is if I'm lucky to get some sleep.

What can I do. I've gone to the doctor three times. My blood tests aren't showing anything. I'm denied other tests. And 24/7 I feel like I'm dying. I have tried to hold back the sadness from his but I admit I've been crying over it. I take the omeprazole every day. I wasn't allowed lorazepam again because it's "not a long term solution" and "addictive". I've been on fluoxetine for several years but haven't been taking it much recently because it's unhelpful. I'm now taking it every day again

The pain never leaves and I want to break down in years. I'm trying so hard to be strong
Is it strange if I feel the burping, burp sensations, aches
Etc are related? I've actually felt heart relief for a few seconds when I have burped too

Family: My grandfather died of a heart attack and my mother has angina where sometimes she thinks she is going to die.

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