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I am 57 years old, very fit, no smoking, eat well, exercise. No history of heart disease. I have suffered from severe GERD for 20 years. I take Protonix 40mg daily. That being said, I have developed a new symptom and wonder if anyone else has connected this with GERD? About 3 months ago I had a short episode of what felt like missed beats, flipflopping heart,etc after eating a large meal quickly. I was not lightheaded, no chest pain,etc. But it was scary. Burping seemed to make it better and it finally stopped after about 15 minutes. Since then, I get these "skipped beat feelings" , etc off and on. Sometimes it will be numerous times in a day, sometimes not for a few days then starting again. I feel good when I exercise, and I am not short of breath or lightheaded. It seems to coincide with eating, or when I am hungry, am full or bloated, etc...etc.

After several months I saw the doc, had an ekg (normal) and a 24 hour holter. After two weeks the nurse called and said there were irregular heartbeats but they were not "life threatening" and I "should not worry about them right now". I asked her what that meant and she said I could make an appt to discuss further testing"if I want" . Nothing about what kind of irregularity, or how often it (I felt several during the Holter period) , or why it wasn't life threatening, etc. So I guess I will make an appt (another $100) to get more complete answers.

Meanwhile , does anyone have any input? Any idea as to why most of my symptoms seem to coincide with bouts of gas, etc? I am also a "type A" , not sure if that makes it worse, lol.

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