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About a year ago i started experiencing symptoms of a fast heart rate, that got way worse while walking 20-40 feet, or doing anything thats exercise. At the time, i was not active at all and had not done any exercise for almost 2 years apart from walking sometimes but not for too long because my heart went so fast it felt as if it couldnt beat any faster. 200-300 bpm at the fastest. One day i had to walk from the hospital to my house which is a couple of blocks away. I walked there and about one block into it my heart was going so fast i had to stop. Stopping didnt even help slow my heart rate and i had to get to the appointment so i kept going and when i was close to getting there my heart was going so fast that i felt the pulses in my head fluently and accurately, my heart was going in the speeds of 250-300 bpm and let me tell you this is the worst feeling ever. it slowed down only a little bit, but after that i didnt have to walk back home and i got through the day. this was only my first episode. My second episode was a day that i got a fever and my heart was going so fast i didnt know what to do, i was also getting pvc's in between this fast heart rate which made it feel as if i was going to die. i called 911 immediately and i was transported to the er where they put fluids and drew blood and couldnt find the cause of my fast heartbeat, it stayed around 120-160 bpm for about 12 or 13 hours straight, and they asked me to stay overnight but didnt give me anything to slow it down only fluids because it was sinus tachycardia. My only solution was to go home and take that atenolol i was prescribed because i know it would slow my heart down( i thought this in my head) but the docs wanted to keep me overnight and didnt want to give me bp meds because they had no proof i was taking them. I decided to not stay overnight and take atenolol faithfully even though it causes horrible pvc's and weird type of arrythmias. I was desperate. I went home and took a double dose of atenolol and went to sleep. My hr was still fast sleeping and was still fast when i woke up. I took another atenolol the day after and it slowed down. Then i never took the atenolol again. This was a little over a month ago now and i have only had the 3rd episode a few weeks ago and it was the same scenario, (off the meds) i had to stop halfway because my heart was beating so fast again and i thought this time i wouldnt make it to see another week. Thanks to the lord i did, and i got up and walked all the way and didnt stop and got home and took metoprolol 50 mg and never took it again. It was a old prescription and i didnt want to go to the er again bcus they give you only fluids. It has been a few weeks since this incident and my heart still does the same thing when i try to exercise or walk it shoots up to 120-180 bpm or more now and im thinking about starting atenolol (25mg) daily and getting active on it to see if it helps then get off it once im in shape. im only 18 going on 19 and i dont want to have heart problems. I was inactive for 2 years because i got dropped out of hs and was uninterested in myself for a long time, i got my ged months ago, but i was basically sitting in a room playing games for almost 2 years straight. When i was in high school, and active, at least walking alot, im a skinny male anyway, always have been, i never experienced anything with my heart when i was active and now i can barely do anything and it sucks. My heart feels alot more forceful now, it beats with extreme force it almost scares me, when i was in shape and active, i remember it beating fast and in rythym lets say when i was masturbating or walking, climb stairs, anything. Now when i masturbate, my heart beats really slow and very hard, and ive noticed this difference and it worries me. I get chest pain when walking now and i feel pulses in my abdomen that are very strong as well as my back and even my legs at some points. Does anyone have advice? i'm very sorry for this long post but ive never really talked about this and i need help to get my life back on track. I turn 19 in february and i just want to be the old kid i was in high school with no health problems. anything would help

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