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Hello I have had chest pains for 2-3 years and also left arm pains that happen on my shoulder and around the elbow. From what I can tell the chest pain and arm pain aren't necessarily coming together but they happen periodically and sometimes together, the arm one is more common. First time it happened about 2 years ago I went to the ER and they found nothing wrong after all the tests, normal blood, normal colesterol etc. All they gave me was something for my breathing as I was having trouble breathing at time. within the week I got a full check up they told me nothing was wrong and they even said that the breathing was just anxiety. fast forward a year I've been trying to ignore it whenever it happens. I thought it had increased and on another time about 8 months ago I had to go back to the ER and again, nothing wrong and I was told it was a panic attack. I haven't been able to find a pattern to how the pain happens it feels super random sometimes I'll feel it in my chest sometimes in my arm, sometimes while walking sometime while at my computer. Sometimes I feel like it's hard to breath after it sometimes I don't. I haven't had another full check up I don't want to be told again that I'm perfectly fine and just be sent home again with nothing.

I am 25 years old, 5'9 and 215 pounds, I know I am overweight and I have been for a long time, I've been trying to lose weight, but, I usually lose pounds then put them back on. Could this really be all in my head? the pain never lasts more than a few seconds and while I do feel like I have a hard time breathing I have been told it's just me. I just really wish I could do something. It's been 2 miserable years where this happens more and more often now before I could go months without it now I can't seem to go more than a week without it. My family doesn't have a history of heart problems, but, my grandmother did have diabetes.

I'm sorry if this is a huge waste of time for everyone that reads it can heart attack symthoms really last for over 2 years or what?

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