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So I'm having some weirdness with my heart. I thought it had to do with anxiety, but it happens even when I'm perfectly calm, relaxed, or happy. Background: I'm a 21 year old female. I drink extremely rarely and exercise fairly rarely as well but walk every day and do work a sedentary job.

Here is what I feel:
-(happened once) I was getting up from sitting down alone, and I felt the craziest pressure in my entire chest. It was like the wind got knocked out of me and I couldn't breathe for about three seconds. Then my vision started to go back. Not spotty like when you get up too fast. It was slow and just darkness.

-(happened once) not sure if it's related because I was very sick at the time. But I was in a room of people and started seeing black again. Then I couldn't hear, it felt like someone had their hands over my ears. I got really dizzy and then nauseous and then got actually sick to my stomach.

-(happens often) I find myself often with an accelerated heart beat. Typically I when I measure it, it's between 100-140. During these times I might just be sitting, at work, walking the dog, etc. Nothig highly active that should cause this.

-(happens often) I almost feel like my heart flip flops. The closest thing I can compare it to visually is a fish out of water. It literally feels like my heart is almost twitching.

-(happens every so often) it almost feels like my heart skips a beat. So instead of being consistent there is just an awkward pause for a second and then the first beat back is hard.

-(happens often) I am extremely aware of my heart beat. Again, without exercise but I feel it in my chest, other times I feel it in my arms and legs, or feel it in my face and ears.

-(happens every so often) I sometimes feel pain that is in my ribs or breast on the left side. I think. I don't think it's my heart feeling pin but I don't know.

The only instance that was ever even remotely painful in my heart was the first one. But there is definitely discomfort and I'm extremely aware. I don't have health insurance right now (just switched jobs and it's a complicated situation) and I don't want to seem like a hypochondriac. Any thoughts or advice would be great.

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