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Troponin I
Mar 27, 2018
Hi My name is Marius im 24 years old.
Im going to cut it short.
Started having huge pains in my left should, shoulder blade, left chest area. Next day whilst reading heartattack symptoms i felt two huge heart beats like something exploded inside me. Felt like falling. Started shaking. Went to the clinics they said troponins are fine everything is in order.
Same story after 2 days. Went to clinics all levels fine.
Then ive been diagnozed with panic attacks and started using bromezapam and seroxat. Ok i knew it was all in my head but still went to 2 private heart clinics to run all test on me which were perfect. Except a tad rise in cholesterol (like 5.6).
And last saturday i had to take a trip to do magnetic resonance about my pains ( which was diagnosed after the test as tenditus). I returned VERY tired at around 21:30 and fell asleep. I had to wake up early for a job. But right after my alarm sounded, i felt this squeezing painlike feeling in the center of my chest cold sweats started running down , my vision was blurry. Called the ambulance. They did cardiogram on the spot, nothing wrong there but just slightly elevated blood pressure which is normal after panic attacks. But the strange thing is after taking me to the hospital and taking my blood Troponin I levels were high i mean 19 when reference range is like 0.04. Then after 2hours they toom my blood again and it was 0.03. Im now at the hospital for my third day. They ran all sorts of tests. Echoscopy, constant cardiograms, holster monitoring, veloergometry. But all the tests said im fine and dandy. Yet im confused about the rise and sudden fall of troponin I. Please if you know anything help me.

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