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My first episode of heart problems happened when I stood up after eating in a restaurant one day. I felt like I was going to pass out, everything went black, and then it passed. Less than an hour later I started with a case of tachycardia and palpatations...and went downhill from there.
My 'current' diagnosis is SVT, but I was told my the electrophysiologist that I saw that it is not SVT because my symptoms do not correlate. All of my possible diagnosis include: PAT/SVT, metabolic acidosis, pulmonary hypertension, POTS, tumor on the adrenal gland, and "we may never figure out what is wrong". The test that I have had done are: EKG's, holter monitors, event monitor, tilt table test, gas exchange exercide study, cardiac treadmill, and echo's. Most of them have been abnormal to some degree--usually borderline abnormal.
I have been treated with Inderal (which has always worked the best and am currently on), Calan, Toprol, and Digoxin.
I will have episodes of severe tachycardia (passed out once and when I came to, my pulse was in the 190's). I get palpatations, dizziness, (and occasional sharp chest pain). After it resolves, I am completely exausted.
I may be fine for several months, but then all of a sudden, it just starts one day and will last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, and then I am fine again. Sometimes, it will have a gradual onset, in the sense that I will have mild symptoms that require the need for meds, so will just gradually increase the meds as the symptoms worsen. Although, my symptoms have changed over the past year or so. Instead of have the intense episodes of tachycardia, I am now having palpatations, yet when I take my pulse it is relatively normal, but my blood pressure, which used to be completely normal at 120/80, has now been running around 106/56 to 90/50, and will occasionally black out when I stand up.
This has been going on for over four years now with no luck actually finding anything. I have seen several different cardiologist's, an electrophysiologist, and a pulmonologist that specialized in metabolic disorders. I am just frustrated, and feel ready to give up on it and just live with it, but don't want to because I am only 23 years old and would like to get it under control or learn how to control/handle it.
Don't know what to do now!!!

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