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I am in my mid-40s and quite athletic.

I need help pretty quickly if somebody is willing. Due to insurance coverage reasons, I am scheduled to take a Persantine Cardiolite within a few days. I am NOT sure that I need this.

I had received 2 EKG reports that were slightly abnormal on Pre-Op for major neck surgery. However the doctor said my heart was adequate for major neck surgery. I underwent the surgery and have recovered very well.

The 1st EKG result was:
()Heart rate varies from 69 to 100. ???Arrhythmia
()Accelerated AV conduction
()Left axis deviation , consider LAFB
()Borderline low voltage in front leads

The 2nd EKG result was:
()Sinus Rhythm
()Marked Left Axis Deviation
()Low QRS Voltages in Standard Limb Leads

My previous EKG’s were normal. I am wondering if the stenosis in my neck and flattening of my neck vertebra could have caused these heart abnormalities temporarily and now that the neck is fixed …the heart might be OK.

I don’t quite understand these results. Are any of these results significant or something to worry about? My doctor today didn’t explain much. He said it could be as simple as problems with potassium or magnesium. My potassium levels were OK that day. My magnesium levels are always low at around 20 when the norm is 32-122.

My virtual heart scans came out negative. I had 0% calcification even tho my cholesterol has been between 200 and 290 for the last 20 years. (It is NOT my diet … it is everybody in my family). My HDL is normal. My LDL is hi … usu around 168 and the norm is 0 to 130.

The doctor ONLY spent 2 minutes with me. If I wanted further testing, he recommended echocardiogram AND a persantine cardiolite test. The cardiolite injection is a radioactive substance so they can see the heart. The persantine is used to increase bloodflow since I might not have recuperated from orthopedic surgery to use the treadmill. However, I think I may just use the treadmill rather than the chemical due to side effects of the chemical.

Any thoughts or precautions on my 2 EKG results? Or any thoughts on the Cardiolite test?

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