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hi ubernier, thanks for replying. to answer your questions:
they did an u/s of my gallbladder b/c that was one thing the dr thought it may have been also, but that turned up ok (even though everyone in my family has had gallbladder problems- that worsed when removed) so that wasn't it.

I don't remember any pain in my arm, the numbness was constant. it continued on into the night, but went away sometime after i was in the hospital. it was just stricly that day, i haven't had any numbness since. the chest pain was there whether i was active or resting. i don't recall it being [I]worse[/I] when i was more active, but it did cause me to stop what i was doing. when i was walking i had to stop and sit down or lean over b/c i was afraid to get weak and fall. when i was reading, i just stopped reading. it basically broke my concentration then.
when i was in the drs office that friday, then did a pulse ox, which was 99, blood pressure, ekg and blood work. when i was in the hospital, they did several ekg's, xrays, a stress test, and echocariogram, and the gallbladder u/s, blood work and i think thats it. my bp stayed consistent at /around 90/60, and my pulse stayed around the 58-65 range except on the stress test.

I had my blood drawn about 7 times in the hospital and once at the drs office. i do know that they did look for a hyperactive thyroid. one time it came back borderline, but all the rest it was fine and they didn't see the need to treat it. the also checked my cholesteral, which was fine. i don't know what else they were looking for, and since i am really not knowledgeable about this topic i did not ask. they kept telling me everything looked normal and ok. i believed them then, but i am having a hard time accepting this which is why i am here.

yes, based on my strong family history for heart disease, diabetes, high BP, & high cholesteral i am at high risk for heart related problems. the docs i saw there said that it is a possibily for me to end up with a heart attack at a young age or other cardiac problems that will last my whole life, but that my age/ and physcial shape are my defense right now. but of course that could mean nothing at the same time. i am otherwise fairly healthy. i have asthma that is under control, and some mental health problems, but thats it.

i do not know about lipids and the other terms: elevated LDL, TG and low HDL. what are they?

i appreciate you taking the time to reply. I hope you are doing ok ater your heart attack.

Thanks again!

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