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Please respond should any of this sound familar to anyone or it you know what this is, i have an appointment next wednesday to start to find out what the heck is going on.
This is how my day usually goes.

Wake up sometimes my heart is beating really fast sometimes not

will eat breakfast, juice yougurt toast, not all the time togather, but it usually what i have in general.

Well this will start a chain of events that totally disable me by the end of the night.

Anywhere from 20 minuets to and hour later, my heart rate will start to speed up. I used to have a resting heart rate of about 60 or beats per min, NO MORE. It will increasingly rise to over 100 beats per min. when it starts to reach this point i start to feel flushed in the face, my ears will turn red ( esp at night or if i dont sit and let it pass, keep working ie ), i get dizzy, feeling of passing out. and a feeling of a sun burn on my face and shoulders. I can feel my heart going faster and faster. If i contiue to go about things, walking or standing, it goes higher and faster. ( has been up to 160 so far) So i HAVE to sit down and wait it out. It will last about an hour and with rest will start to go down. Because if i dont it gets way up there.
So then after this happens and return to a normal state of beating, i still feel a little dizzy and a tighness in my temples and face and leaves me with chest discomfort.
If i dont eat breakfast, it does not happen.
Lunch does the same things to me. As does super or anything i eat.
But the larger meals hit me much harder and last much longer.
And it is much worse at night.
ANd if i dont sit and rest (sometimes for hours afterwards) it gets worse.
THere is nothing that seems to tigger it more than other things. Just generally when i eat it gets worse.
I dont like to lay down when this is going on cause it makes me breathe real hard and deep and i know that breathing this way causes heart rates to increase, and dont want it to go any higher.

I thought that i was having fevers daily, and would check my temp only to find that it was normal to 99.1 ( which is not a true fever) I went and have bought three other thermometers because of this. I also would take tylenol but now know that if i wait, the feverish flushed feeling will go away, and its not really a fever.
Well needless to say it freaks me out.
I have constant dry mouth, and always feel like im dehydrated, drink lots of water and such, always have to go to the bathroom.
My toes will tingle like crazy sometimes after my heartrate slows back down.
And then constantly thoughout the day my heart will , for lack of a better word, jump and flutter, like its trying to catch up.

WHY DOES EATING CAUSE ME SUCH PROBLEMS. I have tried to ignore this, thinking it was stress, a viral infection ( because i thought i was having fevers), and numerous other things.
I know that eating will cause your heart rate to increase but not like this, my room mate even says it should not be that high, or act this way, ( he is in a medical feild but not in health care, works in a office who purchaes medical stuff, not that it matters i guess, just an observers opion) But his does not do this.

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