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Hi all, I am new here. I can't seem to get any help from the doctors, so I am coming here.

Here is my history. I am 50 years old, female, and a nonsmoker. My Mom is 80, with a history of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. All well controlled now and she is in pretty good health.

My Dad died from a stroke at 62. He was a heavy smoker, sedentary, and never went to the doctor.

I was diagnosed with MVP at age 30 with a 7% leak. My BP is very good, usually 110 over 70. My cholesterol was very good until I started taking beta blockers, then it ran borderline high. I have osteoarthritis, mild fibromyalgia, and terrible GERD with esophageal spasms. I was doing well until I had to stop my water aerobics class in February due to pain in the muscles.

Five weeks ago I had what was deemed a near syncopal episode. I felt like I was sinking. My cardiologists checked me out with echo and EKG and said all was fine, except my pulmonary artery pressure had gone from 40 to 46mm in the past five years. I also have sinus arrythmia, which is considered a normal variant of an ecg. Lipid profile was not good, with LDL being 179, HDL 41, and triglycerides 137, total cholesterol being 247. He upped my Kerlone to 20mg. daily and put me on Crestor 10 mg.

I have been to the er twice March 26th, the cardiologist once, my gp once. I have been having palps, sinky feelings, atypical chest and jaw pain that comes and goes, plus terrible indigestion when I eat. When I walk I get mild chest and arm discomfort, so I have given up on that.

It is all being blamed on my GERD, my reflux, my nerves(which are shot to bits by now). Also, hubby has been out of work for 16 months and I have almost no insurance.

Last night my left arm felt tingly for a bit, then I got nauseated, then I got scared and almost had a panic attack. I have been nauseated for the past week and have had to eat very lowfat and small frequent meals in case it is gall bladder.

I am so scared and have no one to turn to. I cancelled a hida scan for this morning because I couldn't go through with it.

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