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[QUOTE=erikn]is it normal to be able to see your chest physicaly pounding in and out with the heartbeat?[/quote]

Yes, I see mine all the time, feel it sometimes too, especially when my bp drops low.

[quote].......sometimes I get palpitations........... totally randomly........ sometimes when I'm sitting down...... lying down..... or just standing.[/quote] Yes, again normal. Some get them more than others. I felt one PVC during a meeting today.

[quote]......sometimes I get some chest discomfort...... just a feeling in the right side but usually in the left side of my chest...... it's not painfull or anything....[/quote] Usually just muscular. Angina, should you be unlucky enough to experience it one day, will usually feel quite unlike anything your feeling now.

[quote]....... I suppose it's normal to feel your heart pounding quite a bit more after exercise right?[/quote] Absolutely! If you didn't then you would either be abnormal in a critical way or you just didn't exercise enough. During my cooldown after a run, I can always feel my heart pounding. It's how fast the HR comes back down thats an indication of whether your are alright or not.

[quote]........I'm 18, and not in any way overweight..... probably the opposite actually......thanks, I'd just like to make sure I'm not in any serious danger or anything.....[/QUOTE]

You sound normal to me; then again I am usually accused of being abnormal ;)

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