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I am 27 years old Married man. No alcohol, No smoking. No history of Heart diesease. My blood pressure is on border line 140/90.

The problem I am having is My heart-rate gets increased suddenly at any time of the day except when I am sleeping.
eg. One time, I was sitting on a computer and suddenly I started feeling my heart-bits & they increased heavily. After few seconds, it became normal.
Also once, this kind of episode got repeated 3 times in a row while I was sitting on a chir. It also happened while I was walking.
In last 2 weeks, this kind of episode happened for 7-8 times.
Doctor has taken my blood & 24 hour heart-rate report. He will let me know once he find out something.

Also, additional details are. If I walk fast or run, I do heavy breathing. It feels like I might faint.

I am worried & concerned about this. If anyone is having any idea why this is happening & anything serious then Pls let me know.
I am going crazy that it has been two weeks & still unable to diagnose like what is happening.

I would be really really grateful & thankful for your kind reply.
Wishing you Best in health & wealth
I have that too! I am 20 years old. They told me it is called paroxysmal atrial tachycardia and is rarely dangerous, just scary and annoying. My triggers are calcium, alcohol and excessive heat. When you have an attack, try drinking ice cold water, massaging your carotid arteries and blowing out hard while plugging your nose and closing your mouth. Do you have anxiety or asthma???

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