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I have been experiencing chest pains (dull ache with (at times) a bit of a sharp pain) on left side of my chest w/ lightheadedness, extreme fatigue, SOB, etc. Lately, there has been a "burning" sensation as well. I have had bouts of this for almost a year. I also have slightly low BP (105/65 at the MD office - lower at home) and at times quite low HR (43 - 113). I have well controlled hypothyroidism. I also have had several rounds of severe hair loss (biopsy for alopecia areata was negative).

CBC tests ok with exception of WBC of 13.6 (Normal = 3.4 - 11.3), MCV at 32.9 (normal = 27.0 - 32.8), Eosinophils of 0.0 (n = .03 - 5.0) and mildly decreased calcium of 8.3.

I am a 1 pack a day smoker (I KNOW I have to quit).

Cholesterol is 125 (<200 is low risk), trig of 52 (35 - 160 is normal), HDL of 37 (> 35 is desired) and LDL of 77 (< 130 desirable).

BG levels tend to run slightly on low side of normal (70 - 80s)

At any rate, I have NOT had a normal ECG since first being tested last November.

1st ECG taken was Atrial Fillrilation (Vent rate 76, QRS 140, QT 446, QTc 474) and interpretation indicated probable anteroseptal infarction, ST-T changes in lateral leads, addt'l evidence of myocardial ischemia and Low QRS Voltages in precordial leads.

2nd ECG taken in docs office was bradycardia (I do not have a copy and don't know other stats).

3rd taken in the ER (following chest pains, nausea, SOB, dizziness, etc) was abnormal (vent rate 71, P 110, QRS 84, RP 148, QT 392, QTc 426, QTd 46, P 48, QRS 2, T 59), abnormal sinus rhythm, possible septal infarct, Low QRS voltages in precordial leads.

4th was: (the following morning) was abnormal (bradycardia vent rate 53, P 112, QRS 76, PR 170, QT 436, QTc 409, QTd 66, P 1, QRS 3, T 42) and Low QRS voltage and poor R-wave progression, nonspecific ST and T wave abnormalities.

5th taken in my dr office thereafter was also bradycardia.

Holter moniter showed 260 isolated ventrical events (3 bigeminal cycles, 23 couplets, 3 runs); 620 isolated supraventricular events (77 couplets, 10 runs).
Ventricular ectopics 262 (< 1%) and supraventricular ectopics 860 (< 1%) Avg HR 78.

Thallium stress test showed EF of 53%, suggestion of reversible ischemia involving antero-septal wall with normal left ventricular wall motion and Hypoperfusion involving the antero-septal wall which is most notable with stress.

Chest xrays (2) were both normal as was an upper GI.

Cardiac catherization showed "insignificant" CAD with right coronary artery of 15 - 20% stenosis in proximal 1/3 area, 10 - 15% stenosis at acute margin of heart and, thus conclusion of a "false positive" stress test and "non-cardiac" chest pain.

However, I have still been experiencing the symptoms and a roller coaster with my BP which tends to be a bit low with a low HR. (been keeping a chart which I plan to take to my soon to be cardiologist) BP has ranged from 83 / 48 to a high of 109 / 66 and HR from 42 to a high of 113.

Anxiety is always high - type A personality.

Chest pain are NOT brought on by exertion (or anything else that I can associate them with).

Could low BP and HR be the cause of my hair loss?????

Any information / suggestions/ comments would be GREATLY appreciated.

R M Wright

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