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Hi Scout --

I've got a lot of years on you (55 year old female) but can somewhat relate to your complaints.

On another thread I talked about awakening with strange pain in my left chest area and below the breast, it felt like the pain was inside the lowest left-sided ribs.

It didn't last long and I was ready to get out of bed anyway, but I rubbed the areas and it disappeared. That was last week. I went nuts over it, and went to the cardiologist, who was unconcerned. I had an echocardiogram two years ago after center-chest burning and heaviness but nothing was revealed. I had, in a panic, gone to the emergency room with the burning sensation -- it went through to my upper back so I was SURE it was cardiac. No problems from the ER tests, either.

Anyhow, this time the cardiologist said my left-sided brief pain didn't sound like cardiac in origin to him at all. I must tell you I had my gall bladder out 5 months ago and have been warned that all sorts of pains all over the stomach and chest can be felt for many months, if not longer. But gall bladder is on the right side, not left, and so I was surprised to be awakened by this pain.

I would say I, too, seriously doubt you have heart problems. Most likely it IS "GERD" or some such problem, like esophageal spasm. So many pains mimic heart pain that it's very difficult to pin it down. I am amazed that with all the crazy problems we all have that we are still alive to report them!

Seriously, please don't worry so much. Worry makes EVERYTHING worse, trust me. I've been on low dose Xanax for several years for anxiety but am convinced I am not taking enough of it. If you absolutely feel you want more doctoring, find a good internist and tell him/her your complaints. If they don't feel they can handle it, trust me, they will refer you to a cardiologist.

Your problems sound like they are digestive in nature, or musculosketal with that left-sided stuff, and everything is made worse from worry. It's like you just keep waiting for the next pain, right? It's always in the back of your mind, if you're like me. Once hit with something disturbing, a whole lot of us wait for the next incident. We need to RELAX!

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