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Hey man, (Rich, 20, UK)

Dont think im sick or anything but im so glad somebody else on the planet can relate to how i feel!

I get a fast heartbeat quite a lot, i have a really strong pulse which i can feel in my chest, stomach and temples like someones playing the drums on my body, i get sharp pains all over my body like someone is piercing me with a pin, i twitch sometimes in my legs, i have a constant pain in my upper body.
It started off on the left side but has now spread across to my right. Its a constant dull aching in my chest, shoulder, neck and back. When i take in a deep breathe its like my rib cage is digging into my lungs. I also get the lighheadedness. Its like the feeling you get when you get up to fast. Ive had this for a few weeks.

I got taken to hospital with it last week. as i though i was having a heart attack. They did x-rays, ultrasound, blood tests, monitors and found nothing wrong so they sent me home. I have since been on pills to slow down my heart rate from 120 bpm back to 70 bpm. It was beating at 150 bpm for a while which wsnt pleasant.

My blood pressure has always remained fine.

I was angry that they sent me home when they were clueless as to what was wrong with me. It makes you wonder that if the "proffessionals" cant figure it out then who can?

My fast heart rate worries me the most as if its beating twice as fast as normal, surely this means its going to get tired twice as fast, therefor i live half a life? These questions are running through my mind all the time and i cant stop thinking about it.

I still have the pain now. My mum tells me not to think about it but its hard when you cant breathe normally and your heart beating away so fast.

I am starting to think mine is related to stress/anxiety/panic in some way and im going to talk to the doc about this tomorrow.

Good luck to you anyway, i sorta no what you feel like.

See who can keep the medical people baffled the longest!!!

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