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Hello all! :wave:
I need to know what my next course of action should be. My problems started in July of 2003. In September 2003 I had EKG (abnormal no other details), Adenoside stress test (showed decreased uptake on stress and resting part, but was blamed on Molly and Polly (my breasts)), reg Echo (showed nothing) and then Treadmill Stress Echo (showed nothing). However, given my age and what I now know about the dr who read all my test results (he was not my reg cardio and the one time I saw him in person, he told me my only problem was my engine was revved to high, and he didn't need to see me ever again) I think he probablly never even really looked at my tests results and he certainly wasn't present during them. Fast forward to July 2004, I got ticked at this entire practice and took my records to my new heart dr who at least has far better manners. He has reviewed the test results (only the interpretations, not the actual films, the practice wouldn't release those) and thinks that they all look fine so my problems can't be from my heart. My symptoms are episodic and consist of chest tightness, a dull ache between my shoulder blades, ache like pains in my shoulders, neck and left arm usually with nausea and a very weak feeling. If I stop what I am doing and lay down, they usually ease off, but I have had 2 in the past few days that took longer to go away. I am 26 years old and have high blood pressure that is not very well controlled (take 20 mg Lotensin, high cholesteral (controlled with 10 mg Lipitor), sinus tach (mostly controlled with 200 mg Toprol LX (my resting heart rate stayed in the 130's before, and my old cardio had me on 81 mg Aspirin which my current dr says to coninue with. I also take Bextra 10mg (for hand injuries from a car accident), and Lexapro 10mg for stress (my former family dr says it is all in my head and this will stop my "panic attacks", it hasn't). I am also about 50 lbs overweight, but frankly don't have much time to exercise and have no known family history except my grandma was a diabetic. Could it still be my heart with all those tests. :eek: My paramedic friend tells me not to play around with it because it sounds like classic angina equivalents to him, but I am under the care of a heart dr, and don't know what else to do. How do I know when to just deal with it and hope it doesn't kill me. I see my cardio tom. Is there anything I can do differently to get him to take me serious. I don't want an angioplasty unnecesarily,and to be honest I think my new dr thinks the risks outweigh the chance that he will find anything, but I don't want a heart attack either, and I don't want to be a statistic. Please help! katie

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