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I posted a few months back, thinking that I was having a heart attack. I'm a 21 year old morbidly obese female (I hate that term...I'm about 110 lbs overweight). That night I was having waves of nausea, sweat, heart poundings and pressure, so I went to the doctor the next day and had an EKG and everything and it came out perfectly normal. I had borderline high blood pressure, but she said nothing for me to worry about. I had doctors so that might have been part of it. While I wasn't super active before this I wouldn't have called myself inactive either, though my diet isn't that great. The nurse gave me inderol which for some reason made my heart pound very quickly and gave me shoulder pain (which after you think you've had a heart attack is not fun). I tend to have opposite reactions to many medications, but apparently it's terribly rare for this to happen. Anyway, I stopped taking it after the first time. The problem was that for the next week I was short of breath...not terribly but noticably. I had another EKG and that was again, normal. He sent me to to get a blood test to test for thyroid, and chloresterol, ect but I can't get it done for another month until I have insurance at my school. He said it's really rare for someone my age to have heart attacks even if they are obese but I was still scared. He said it was probably anxiety, but I don't know.

So this breathlessness thing went on for a month, with some heart pounding and weird stuff as well...and then it went away for a month (I didn't change my diet, become less stressed or exercise more). Then about a week ago it came back, feeling chest tightness, mild difficulty breathing...I'd chalk it up to anxiety but it seems pretty constant, though it gets much worse at night...and it wouldn't explain why I would have NO panic attacks for a month and suddenly have them again. I think I have panic attacks as well but I'm not sure they're related to whatever is going on with me. Tonight I was nervous, and I exercised for like 15 minutes without any pain or issues but then like an hour to an hour and a half later I have symptoms similar to what made me go to the doctor in the first place. It's like an hour later and the chest pressure is gone. I took two asprin just incase so I'm not sure if that's why I'm better or not, but I now sort of have a head ache and I'm sweating a bit still. I'm going to get myself checked out when I can, but anyone reccomend things I can do in the mean time? While I do have some issues in the day, it's always much worse at night.

I also rarely have, when I'm going to sleep this rush of ...something...and it wakes me up like a jolt. I'm not asleep yet when this happens so I don't think it's sleep apnea, it's like when I'm almost asleep. I want to say it's anxiety, but it doesn't seem like it can be. Any ideas?


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