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For the last 3 years, I've been having dizzy spells and possible heart
problems. I'm a 45 year old white male American heterosexual of mixed
Southern European ancestry. About 6' 1", 195 pounds, thin build.

About 3 years ago, I started having dizzy spells. They usually happen
when I'm standing or sitting straight up and I have to
stay in that position for more than 30 seconds or more. Went it got
bad, I could barely sit up on the ground and lean against the couch.
One night, it was so bad, my wife took me to the ER. They checked me
out, did an EKG and couldn't find anything wrong. The weirdest thing
was that after they wired me up, the alarm went off a couple times.
Asked the nurse, and he said my heartbeat was too low. They let me go
when they couldn't find anything.

Went to a cardiologist. They did EKG, ECG, stress test, tilt test,
halter monitor. Other than a minor anomaly, which I don't remember,
they couldn't find anything wrong. They couldn't see any heart damage
or problems.

Since I was a teenager, I haven't had the greatest sleep schedule. In
the past 10 years, I would sometimes go for 2 or more weeks on 5 hours
of sleep per night. While I could handle that in my teens or
twenties, now that I'm middle aged, I can't anymore. The cardiologist
admitted that exhaustion can sometimes tax the heart and result in
less beats, lower blood pressure and lightheadedness. However, he
felt that a better sleep schedule and more exercise should solve it.

I remember first having a dizzy spell about 20 years ago. I was at my
first programming job and I was standing talking to a co-worker. I
felt a little dizzy and reached for the side of a doorway to steady
myself. I wrote if off as being tired from a long day and not getting
enough sleep the night before.

Ever since I was a kid, people have commented on my cold hands. My
mom used to always say that I had cold hands and feet. Lately, my
hands and feet have seen colder. Sometimes they seem kind of numb or
hurt. Occasionally, I get weird pains in my legs and arms, sometimes
the muscles, sometimes the joints, sometimes the toes or fingertips.

My mom had MS for years and died at 70 of lymphoma. My dad is 81 and
had a minor stroke several years ago. He said has had a low pulse for
many years. For as long as I remember, he would fall asleep at the
drop of a hat.

Last spring, I started jogging again to get in better shape. I got
good enough to do 2 5Ks and a 10K. While the spells didn't go away,
they didn't happen as often. When it got cold and rainy in the fall,
I quit jogging. The spells got worse again. Occasionally they were
accompanied by chest pains. During the winter it got really bad.
Sometimes, I barely made it through the day and thought I would pass
out. Have had some pains in the heart and chest area.

Its gotten better since then but I'm not out of the woods. One thing
that made things better was one of those rice hull pillow that wraps
around and supports my head and neck better. It has helped me to both
fall asleep faster and sleep through the night.

The dizzy spells still occur. Sometimes I get chest or heart pains.
And pains in the limbs. Sometimes the feet, other times the groin,
elbows, hands. Sometimes I've had a burning sensation in my arms or
the back of my neck.

The last couple months I have been checking my pulse and blood
pressure at work during breaks. The pulse is usually in the 50s but
recently its moved up into the 60s. One day when I was feeling really
bad. I measured it and it was 43. Checked again and it was 45.

Under a lot of stress from work, family, friends, etc. Supressed a
lot of anger over the years. Sometimes when I lay, I can feel my
pulse like a wave through my body.

Any ideas?

Could this be a blockage in my arteries or veins leading to or from my

My neck, head and shoulders are really stiff. Sometimes if feels
like my head is in a vise. I'm not sure but sometimes it feels
that blood is not or barely flowing to the sides of my skull. Could
I have a pinched nerve? Would a chiropractor help?

We moved to a rural property 3 years ago. We have our own well and
septic. Could there be something in the well water that is affecting
my heart? (Wouldn't explain why my wife and kids are fine.)

We are also now live a mile from I-80. Could the increased ozone in
the air do this?

Could this be temperature related? It seems to get worse in the

Could I be missing something in my diet? Or need a vitamen or

About 3 years ago, I started drinking soy milk instead of cow milk and
cut down on dairy products because of IBS. The IBS has gotten better
but I wonder if I am missing something that is causing this problems.

Could my bad sleep habits have strained or damaged my heart?

Could I be suffering from heart damage?

If so, is there anyway to repair it?

Could this by hypertension or stress?

Male menopause?

I'm grapsing at straws?

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