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[QUOTE=steph444]I forgot to mention that when I exercised on Thursday, about half way through doing cardio I began to have chest pain. After exercising I had chest pain, shortness of breath, chest felt heavy. I felt very fatigued. Can exercising affect a heart attack? I tried looking this up but could not find anything.

and i remember years ago when the nurse said "don't move from the ekg table until i contact your doctor". that was around 30 years old. i also had right bundle branch block and an irregular ekg. i've had it ever since and i am now 65. the cardiologists really don't mention it anymore. i have had irregular heart beats for years and it progressed to make me feel the symptoms you discribe. it was all an electrical problem with my heart and be sure to wear a holter monitor and if it shows nothing, ask for a 30 day one and not one just for 24 hours. i am sorry you don't have a good insurance policy. i have sure used mine in the past few years. try to get a job that provides this benefit for you, it will mean a lot when you get older. in the mean time, keep up with a cardiologist and if not satisfied, get another one. a xanax may hold you in bay while all of your symptoms get sorted out. wish i was 29....

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