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Hello again, from a completely drained, shattered and down right exhausted holeinheart, :wave:
l'm getting more and more tired now, l didnt sleep last night , the pain in my legs was driving me crazy so by the time l managed to close my eyes last night, it was infact 4.30 am this morning and the birds, cars, boats and the visitors in the camp site near us where all starting to crash about.
Hubby suggested we take the boys 'bowling'..........thats fine for them to all do, which they did, but for somone who's so tired she doesnt know if she's standing, sitting or about to fall down .........not so go. :eek:
As well as this hubby completely forgot that my hands do not take commands from my brain anymore! they are swollen, stiff and painful, along with my neck, hips, base of spine, knees and ankles .............yes good idea dear, lets go family bowling.
Well the boys and hubby had a nice time , l just gave 'instructions ' to my son , along, long time ago l used to bowl for a team in Suffolk ( uk) l was in the B.H.S. team and we played in the big league, god how l loved bowling, such a super sport/game.
Tried to have a sleep on the bed this afternoon as l now ache all over again, my wrists are so sore, but the constant up and down the stairs of hubby, both son's and dog has meant l have had no sleep yet again.
On the way home from the bowling session, l had a few twinges of pain in chest and up around jawline and top of arm again, l am somwhat worried at the minute , l seem to be having to push myself in order to keep up with the family, normaly when its just us three ( hubby, son and myself) we tick along quietly and l'm not to bad, but because my hubbys son's down and he wants to give him a nice time here , so my conditions seem to be ingnored by hubby and his son and l'm expected to be able to 'get on with it' :confused:

If l carry on like this l see myself having a 'wham-bang' of an Angina attack very soon, l think that's what all this excessive tiredness , chest twinges, jaw pain and shortness of breath is leading to............l did this once before when l went to Disney Paris , 7 days in Disney followed by 7 days in hospital, well at least l had some rest.
Well l'm going to ice some banana cake now , l do hope l write again soon, but if the pain now central in between my shoulder blades thats now coming into the chest is anything to go by l think l may be 'resting' soon.
Regards to you all.............holeinheart.

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