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I was diagnosed with PVC since I was 14. I had a cardiac arrest! It was a miracle that I survived and recovered in 2 weeks. I have an ICD implanted and my EF went from 10 percent after to my arrest to 70 percent in March. I was taking Coreg and Enalapril until March, and I began taking toprol in March and discontinued the Coreg and Enalapril. I had an echo yesterday and my EF is down now to 45 percent. I was told by a physician my EF would NOT decrease. I am very scared b/c I was told I did not have heart failure and only a conduction problem...I have had 3 episodes of Vtach since my arrest and I still have bigeminy and multifocal PVC. No one can explain why!!! Please help with similar experiences, suggestions of physicians, hospital, ANYTHING, that can help explain! I am too young for this !!
I do not mean to scare anyone either, but people do need to be aware. PVC's normally are not life threatning, however, when you have couplets(two or more in a row) is when they can become dangerous. I have couplets and multifocal PVC and bigeminy. Most others may have a PVC every now and then and that is alright, but they become complicated, such in my case, they become serious. I notice also when I become anxious they get worse, or increase in caffeine and sugar. I am seeing an EP right now and my first visit was last Monday. However, he has to "consult" with other physicians b/c he does not know what my best option is and why I am having PVC and v-tach. I have a PVC right before I go into V-tach, and he said maybe if he can ablate that PVC, I would not have vtach anymore. ???? who knows. I just wished someone would research me

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