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Re: Taxus stent
Jun 19, 2005
You DO know, I'm sure that the TAXUS STENT was recalled in rather large numbers last year.
[QUOTE]The FDA investigates after several prominent hospitals stop using Taxus
By DrRich
The FDA has moved in to investigate Boston's Scientific's limited recall of the Taxus drug-coated stent, to make sure that the company has done enough to assure that patients are being adequately protected.

The problem with the Taxus stent has to do with the insertion procedure. Stents are "deployed" by placing them via catheter within a coronary artery plaque, then expanding them against the plaque by blowing up a balloon. Once the stent has been expanded (in order to compress the plaque and hold it into place,) the balloon is deflated and the catheter is removed. Apparently, in some patients receiving the Taxus stent, doctors have been unable to deflate the balloon after expanding the stent - these patients have required emergency bypass surgery.

Originally, Boston Scientific attributed the problem to doctors' insertion techniques. Later, they discovered a problem with the delivery system itself, and recalled 200 stents. Still later, they expanded the recall to over 80,000 stents possibly affected by the problem. Apparently, over 50,000 stents not covered by the recall have been shipped.

In the meantime, several prominent cardiologists and hospitals have either completely suspended the use of the Taxus stent, or have severely curtailed using it, until they are sure the problem has been fully resolved. Some have complained that, given the company's stuttering approach to solving this problem (first "blaming" doctors, then recalling a few stents, then recalling many more stents,) they are not completely confident the problem has been fully characterized and dealt with. The FDA, wishing to resolve the issue once and for all, has now stepped in.[/QUOTE]

This was based on last Summer's news. I think an angiogram is in your cards. Did you have GREAT angina relief right after the procedure?
When you stopped the Warfarin did you continue daily aspirin? Like 325 mg.? Were you ever on Plavix?
Is the pain identical to what it was beefore the stent? If so then I will make a stab that the 99.1% was effectively 100% blocked and you were operating on collateral circulation. When you stopped the warfarin, you might have suffered a clot that completely re-blocked the artery again and you are back on the collaterals. My hope is that something like an atherectomy (roto rotter) would re-open a stent like this without the need for chest surgery.

Good Luck and make sure you take that aspirin...even 650 mg. See you doctor immediately...choose one who is averse to bypass if you can (I was lucky!)

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