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:confused: I swear I will go insane. About a month and a half ago I started getting heart palpitations (moderate to large "thumps" in my chest) that have persisted daily and will not stop. I have no other symptoms other then occassional fatigue spells but I have dealt with this for years, even before the palpitations began. (I have been told I may have mild fibromyalgia.) They seem to be worse in the evening after eating dinner.
Here's the thing, no matter WHAT I do, I can't get the pattern to stop. I have avoided food triggers like chocolate, coffee, spicy foods, etc. I have taken potassium (just one 99mg a day cause I don't want to overdose), magnesium (seems to be doing nothing but causing loose stools), and tried to increase my water intake. IT DOES NOT WORK. I have noticed that the palps occur no matter what I eat, whether it's pizza or a salad! The time of the month (which I suspected at first) seems to have no effect, the palps happen whether I am having my period or not! It just doesn't make sense!
Now I do have some heartburn on occassion, and I do suspect I could have digestive problems but the palps are there whether or not I am feeling heartburn. (I have heard of a relation of palps and GERD, is it possible to have GERD and not have heartburn sensations?)
Another nagging symptom I have is excessive yawning spells :yawn:
that can also get on my nerves.
I am trying not to stress out but I'm a 26 yr. old female who is just getting so frustrated over the palps (which is probably making them worse at times). I am not scared really just annoyed. I have yet to see a doctor but in the meantime I wonder if anyone knows of anything else natural I can try. (Along the lines of things like potassium and magnesium.)
Anyone have experiences like mine? Anybody know what can help? I really don't want to end up on meds like beta blockers if I can avoid it. (I've done LOTS of research on palps.)
Your advice will be so greatly appreciated! I'd think you were an :angel:
Thanks to anyone who responds in advance! :)

~Ami~ <---slowly going crazy

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