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I am 17 years old. From the end of the 2005 school year and the summer of 2005 i have been smoking cigarettes and marijuana regularly (Marijuana about 20-25 times during summer). I have done cocaine and ate mushrooms once during the summer. I have smoked saliva unsuccessfully. I also have been drinking Alcohol very regularly, about almost everyday during the summer. I never had very bad experiences with any of these substances. Marijuana gave me high heart beat. As expected couple of times I have thrown up from alcohol and its mix with marijuana. My cocaine experience just gave me random high heart beats for two weeks which was expected. My Mushroom trip was not bad but I did throw up, and right after it my first symptom of problems occurred. After I was back to a normal state I had high pinching pain in the area of my chest close to my heart. This scared me a lot but did not seem to bother me again for about 2 weeks. I did cut down on cigarettes and stopped smoking marijuana. I only drank alcohol during weekends, but I drank to get completely intoxicated the two to four times that I did during those two weeks. After some stress full situations my pain came back and in an extreme way. I started having those sharp pains with very high heart rate. I couldnít sleep because my heart rate was so high. I also would get sudden pain like a flush of coldness. It would start from my head and go down like cold feeling that scared me a lot. I went to my doctor and I told him what I have told you. He said my blood pressure was high and took an EKG and said your heart beat pattern seems fine. He told me to just stop what I was doing and be healthy. I listened to him and I have stopped everything for about two months. I donít have that flushing coldness pain, but I do regularly get those pinching pains and my left hand sometimes feels much ached as if the bone is hurting. Also every time I do get excited for any reason my heart rate goes very high and does not stop even if I am trying to relax. This causes dizziness and loss of appetite. I feel like my eyes r being pressured. I feel pressure in my head especially in the front and small headaches in the back. These problems are worrying me very much and the doctorís advice has not changed anything. I have researches this and I have gotten a few ideas what it could be but they donít seem to be right. 1. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome. 2. Panic attacks. I can not control my heart rate at all; its high beat really frightens me. I would appreciate if you could look over my problems and tell me what it could be. I am going to visit my doctor again but I would really appreciate your help.
If any extra information is needed feel free to ask me.

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