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I am active on the lyme disease board here..... I found out a few months ago after a second bells palsey episode I had in August was not lyme releated but in fact a stroke.

I had a EKG, Ultra Sound, halter study, bubble study then a TEE to confirm multiple holes (6mm, 3mm, 1mm and serval pin holes)

I had an ASD closure, via a transcathedar last week with minor complications, but with no open heart surgery (yay!) I am a 29 years old.

Only one implant was placed, the second couldn't deploy right, so it was removed. I went into artial defibulation and was shocked a few times (that hurt the next day) I was able to go home the next day only to have a infection set in 3 days later and was in the hospital for 3 more days to rule out another stroke. After 3 days of IV antibiotics my fever went away and my numbness in my right arm/hand went away.

All is better now (10 days post procedure) and I am feeling better after a 3rd heart med was added to help the fast heart rate and dizziness it was causing me.

I am still weak. I still am not as good as I was before I went in, but I get better every day. I can't get over at how winded I get and how tired I am all the time.

I am curious if others have this and what their experience was like and how they are now.

My husband and I felt like we researched this as much as we could in 6 weeks and are a little freaked about some of the bumps in the road I have dealt with these last two weeks.

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