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ECG would appear a "P" wave, also calls "delta" wave. Some wpw wouldn't show this wave on the ECG. Get the holter or go to ER let them catch one.

I think not all the wpw would feel a rapid heart rate. Before my "His Bundle Ablation", yes I had a lot of palpitations. After the ablation, I wouldn't feel any palpitations. Cardio said I still have my wpw pattern. Now he says, I have brady, tachy and A-Fib. No one can feel my pulse going over 100. May be the pacemaker is playing the trick. I can feel my chest is having a lot of vibration. All Drs thought is my head problem except my cardio. ECG didn't interprete the classic wpw. It said a sinus rhythm and LBBB so the ER dr said is nothing wrong. My cardio said ER dr can't interprete the ECG and they don't know how to read. The whole lot of that ECG is called WPW Sydrome. Anyone understand me? :confused: Feel free to ask if any question.

[QUOTE=flinch]Timber, can you translate those acronyms for me?[/QUOTE]

Which ones, flinch? The ones in my post or in Pika's?

SVT stands for Supraventricular Tachycardia. You probably know this one already. It's a relatively harmless tachycardia that can be a symptom of WPW, but can also occur in people without WPW.

LBBB means Left Bundle Branch Block. It's occurs in people with heart disease, or after certain heart surgeries.

Brady is short for bradycardia, or slow heart rate. Tachy is short for tachycardia, fast heart rate.

A-Fib is short for Atrial Fibrillation, which occurs when the atria fibrillate, or vibrate, instead of beating in rhythm with the rest of the heart.

His Bundle Albation is a treatment for a-fib. To stop the abnormal rhythm, the AV node is destroyed (the AV node normally regulates heartbeat) and a pacemaker has to be put in to take over regulation of the heartbeat.

I hope I got them all. :cool:

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