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I posted an earlier thread about this... I'm looking for someone who has info on Tachy-Brady (Brady-tachy?) Syndrome. Oh, I'm 37 (was 28 when all this started), active, non-smoker, healthy. I've been tested for possible thyroid probs and will get results this week.
When I was pregnant with my son 9 years ago I began having these episodes. From out of nowhere (almost always while resting), my heart felt like it stopped (actually felt like someone slammed a book on it) then it felt like it was racing to "catch back up". I know it sounds weird....
Anyway, it continued periodically after my son was born and my blood pressure was slightly elevated at times (before my son I had perfect bp--120/70). Fast forward about 3 years and I finally went to a cardiologist (funky ekg during routine yearly exam) per my doctor's orders. I was fitted with a heart monitor and the doc. found that I had a short pq or pt rhythm (sorry, can't remember which). Said I didn't require meds right now...
Fast forward 5 years--I've recently had two episodes where I experienced the exact same things but it took my heart much longer to "start again". Sorry, it's the only way I know how to describe it. Anyway, it took so long that I nearly fainted both times. What is this???!!! Someone mentioned to me Brady-tachy syndrome. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jules,

The "P" wave is the electrical output that specifically activates both the left and right heart's upper chambers. Following the p wave is the "QRS" wave (spike) for the left and right ventricle electrical impulses for activation and represents duration as well.

A short P wave or P to Q interval could indicate there is an abnormal or extra pathway or pathways for electrical impulses that conduct from the upper chamber to the lower ventricles. The extra pathway/s for conduction of electrical impulses will/could stimulate the lower chambers causing activations early. There may or may not be any symptoms.

I'm not familiar with brady-tachy syndrome, but taking that expression literally it would indicate a timing condition that causes a slow/fast heart rate. That would not be inconsistent with a short p to q wave.
Thanks, Kenkeith, for the info. I'm waiting to hear back from my cardiologist's office. My assumption is I'll be given a monitor again. As much as I hate it, I hope I can have a repeat episode of the nearly fainting so they can "see" what's going on.
I have brady, tachy and fib. I'm interesting about your thyroid prob. Do you get palpitations during your sleep or resting on bed? Do your palpitataion last day by day? Please keep us posting. Some drs think that I've a thyroid prob too.

Brady and tachy also call "sick sinus syndrome". Did Dr give you a pacemaker for that?

Hi Pika! :wave:

I'm going to my cardiologist in April. I'm hoping they'll set me back up with a monitor again in hopes of catching my events. I have a friend who's a nurse in a heart cath lab and she's the one who suggested possible Tachy-Brady to me.

When I spoke to the nurse at the cardio's office, she said that it's possibly a thyroid connection and not truly a cardiac problem (fingers crossed). However, my cardiologist did mention to me when I saw him 4 years ago that I might need to be medicated at some point in my life for my heart palps...

I'll see my endo this Thursday to see what is going on with my thyroid. Hopefully that will be the cause of my near-fainting episodes. I used to experience these episodes only at rest, but now I get them all the time. It's getting scary because I don't want to actually pass out during one of them and be behind the wheel at the time!

I'll definitely keep you posted on what both docs say. I hope your health is in check. I can't imagine living the rest of my life with this stuff. It's scary and it feels terrible!

I'd say find a good endocrinologist in your area and have them do a full thyroid workup (make sure they test your FREE T3 and FREE T4 and thyroid antibodies along with an ultrasound and thyroid uptake). You can find a lot of info and knowledgeable people on the thyroid board here.

Julie :)

P.S. Pika, do you have a pacemaker???
Hi Julie,

I have a PCD (pacemaker/ICD all in one). Normally, sick sinus syndrome can help by fitted a pacemaker. Medicine doesn't work well with that. About the
fainting episodes, have you had your FBE (Full blood examination) yet? My GP said mine dizzyness (drowsy) of mine and chest pain could be due to anemia!

I just received my Serum TSH result back. It is 1.29 (Ref.Range: 0.50-4.50). Ultrasound neck came back normal too. So far there are two test performed. Do I still need FREE T3 and FREE T4 and thyroid antibodies to be tested? What is thyroid uptake? Do I need one? So far the 2 tests are normal? I'm the mother of 2 as well. Nice to talk to you. Don't forget to post your result here!

Hi Pika!
Well, just got back from the endo. I'm slightly hyperT but not enough to medicate. OH! I don't think I can go on much longer feeling like this! I'll have follow up blood work in 6 months. Plus, he wants me to have bloodwork, including a complete metabolic panel done the next time I'm feeling really bad again. He wants to try and capture what my body is doing at that time.
As far as your tests go, I'm not exactly sure why, but from everything I've read on the thyroid board, those tests are better than just the TSH alone. The antibodies tests can detect auto immune disorders. I would just mention it to your doctor if the FreeT4 and FreeT3 come back "normal". Don't know for sure if you need an uptake. What that does is measures the amount of iodine your thyroid uses (I think). Mine, is slightly high according to my test results.
Guess I'll just have to "wait and see" as they say....

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