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She agreed that the metoprolol (than the propraolol) may be better but instead of 25mg 4 x day she said 50 mg 2 x day should be just fine. BUT she did say it is possible and maybe even likely that my anxiety may increase. I REALLY do not want this to happen. I dont know if I should increase my klonopin (dr says I can take it 3 x a day if I want...usually only take 2 x a day) to intervene that anxiety or not. UGH. I am so frustrated with all of this. Cardio said that if I have problems I can always go back to the propranolol. But she said I may do better on the metoprolol lung and fatigue wise.

This is all so hard for me. Why am I getting so nervous about this????

She also said if this is WAY to nerve wracking for me, I could just stay on the proranolol..but she thinks I will do fine. For the first few days I am to take my morning doses of proranolol and take the metoprolol at sort of wean off.

Any words of wisdom?

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