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Hi, I'm a first time user. I have just had an angiogram two days ago. There are no blockages in my arteries however there is narrowing of one of the main arteries in the heart. The Doctor has said that there is no operation that can help so he has prescribed Lipitor etc etc., but I don't like that idea. I am therefore looking into alternative treatments. This is my opinion and observations from my own experience and people have to make up their own minds. My mum who is 79 and lives in Denmark, had a lot of pain in the arteries on either side of her neck. The doctors told her they couldn't operate as she would either die or have brain damage. She decided to try chelation therapy and has had 30 treatments (she had nothing to lose). The pain has now gone and she is feeling much better. When I speak to her on the phone I can hear in her voice that she is more alert and sounds a lot better. I believe that I will also try chelation therapy or similar treatment, eg, Angioprim. If cholesterol is so bad why does the body make it?

Bye for now.

It's probably semantical but what you have is probably a blockage that is not a complete blockage (which is usually a heart attack.) It's usually expressed as a percent narrowing of the lumen (hole) through which blood 40% blocked or 80% blocked.

Angioprim is throwing your money away on 3 amino acids that are readily available in food. The claims that any of these is an effective arterial chelator are an umproven bunch of hooey designed to separate you from your money. People like this who prey on people with heart disease should be jailed IMHO.

Intravenous chelation with an EDTA drip is another thing. Though it is unproven and unapproved by the FDA, it may have merit. I have a stroong chemical background and I know that EDTA is an almost unbelievably potent metal chelator...but then is calcium removal sufficient to reverse plaque blockages????
It's expensive and never covered by insurance and is EXTREMELY inconvenient. But as a last ditch effort, if I couldn't take statins and was unable to eat a 10% fat diet, I'd try intravenous drip EDTA therapy even though I'd be more than half convinced I was throwing away a large pile of money.
BUT any claims for oral chelators are hogwash!

ARIZONA's father did a couple courses of chelation IV-drip therapy sessions so he'll be able to weigh in on the subject with personal experience.

How severe is that "narrowing"...did he say which artery?

Either fish oil or Omega-3 oils. Take whichever is the cheaper and easier way to get the gram of EPA+DHA. Some people despise the taste of the oils and want capsules; others cant bear to take the horse pills and like the liquid...I do either, whichever is the cheaper at the moment.
It's hard to beat the price of the TWINLAB cod liver oil at Vitmain Shoppe. About $.09/day for a teaspoonful but once in a while Target had twofers on the big bottle of capsules (4 a day of the 1200 mg. size) and that's also about a dime a day.

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