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The chest pain itself is not limited to occuring after exercise but is most prevalent during and after exercise. All physical activity for the last four years has been a true hassle for me, and often scary. While exercising or playing sports i'll usually get sharp pains in my chest and neck, especially where the carotid arteries are located, accompanied with nausea, shortness of breath, and a fast irregular heart beat. I recall last year in PE how many times after playing basketball I would sit on the bleachers clenching my chest in agony, waiting for the pain to subside. Even after the games my fast pulse wouldn't go away and there would be an odd tingly feeling in my chest. Even today, after I did some running at 12:00 this afternoon, I had the exact same symptoms, and unfortunately now at 11PM still feel the after effects (chest tingling). I'm 17 and weigh 142 pounds but did weigh about 190 pounds in my pre-teen and early teens. I do recall having these symptoms when I was much younger but not as severe. These symptoms have severely hurt my childhood and I'm not living a fufilled life. I know such things can't be correctly diagnosed online but I do feel that the symptoms I provided do meet the criteria for a variety of diagnoses. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.


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