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Not sure where to post this. I have been having all kinds of problems the last several months. I did go to a chiropractor about 5 times because he told me I had a straightening of the spine with slight kyphosis (I saw the x-rays so I do believe him about that) I didn't feel comfortable with him adjusting my neck so I quit going there. My primary doctor I didn't like and pretty much blew me off so I went to a new guy out of a recommendation. He's an osteopath. He believes I have mitral valve prolapse and I'm going to get an echocardiogram on the 5th. At that time I would wake up with my right arm feeling asleep, or more like just weak and kinda dead. It takes a couple hours for it to feel normal again. He believed that it had to do with the top rib on my right side. But now my left arm has started to do the same thing, and this morning when I woke up my right and left arm both felt like that, but my right leg also was asleep. Can mitral valve prolapse cause this? Or is it more likely problems with my neck? Should I be worried? I recently switched to sleeping on my stomach to sleeping on my side. I figured it was cause I was sleeping on my right side, so I switched to my left but it still happens in both arms. I'm getting so frustrated because I'm on my third doctor and the chiropractor and my eye doctor and they each have their own opinion and they all seem to act like I'm kinda crazy. I've never, ever had health problems before last month and I'm 24. It's driving me crazy. Anyways I just want to know if this new falling asleep of the limbs is anything I should be incredibly concerned with.
it sounds like something is interfering with the nerves, maybe something is pinching them. I have issues with mine falling asleep a lot, but for me it only takes a few minutes to go back to normal. In my opinion, I would think it would be more associated with your neck than your heart..
Shorty 82,

I had a similar experience with my legs and arms feeling numb and weak. It happened about 8 years ago and my primary doctor just thought it was a pinched nerve. He gave me medication that did not help. The numbness/weakness got so bad that I felt like every part of my body was losing feeling. I was very scared. The one day I read something on my birth control packet that said to call the doctor immediately if I experienced numbness/tingling. I called my GYN and she told me to stop the pill right away. Gradually, I started to get back to normal although it took a couple weeks. If you're on birth control pills you might want to check with your doctor. I would have never thought that was the cause of my problem. Your problem may be totally unrelated to what I experienced, but it's best to check every avenue.

Good luck. I hope you feel better.
hmm... never thought of that. I've been on my birth control for 5 years and never had a problem but you never know. I am scheduled to go see my Gyn in a couple weeks, I'd hate to stop it before then, but maybe I should call and ask just in case. Thanks for bringing it to my attention just in case

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