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[QUOTE=Delia79]I have a question/concern and wanted to see if anyone knew what was up with this? My gp and cardiologist both told me that it was ok to take a beta blocker while pregnant. My pharmacist on the other hand told me that if I were his wife, he'd never let me take it. So of course that caused some confusion right off the bat. Nevertheless, I started taking it as at this point I am not pregnant and needed to get my tachycardia under control according to my cardiologist. Now here is my question, the doctors said it was ok, the pharmacist said no, who is right number one? Number two, over the weekend I heard a report that just came out about Ace Inhibators I believe and how pregnant women should not take them due to them causing serious growth issues with the fetus especially in the begining of pregnancy. From my understanding, and the way the report stated it, Ace Inhibtors are prescribed for blood pressures issues, right? And from what my doctor told me, although I do not have high blood pressure, beta blockers are a lot of times prescribed for high blood pressure as well. So in that thinking, if the Ace Inhibitors are bad to take while pregnant, are the beta blockers too? I know you guys aren't doctors but I really want to become pregnant very soon and am not sure what to do and who to believe. Does anyone have any suggestions or know anything further about the affects of beta blockers while pregnant? I read all of the patient information but all it says is that if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant make sure to discuss it with your doctor. And if I did decide to not take it during pregnancy, what harm could that do as well?[/QUOTE]

First I want to say that I can say with a lot of certainty that your pharmacist knows nothing of what it feels like to suffere from these types of problems. Or that he is just an shovanist. Not 'let' his wife?? Whatever. Anyway, I took propranolol throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy. I asked the advice from FOUR drs. My GP, OB, EP, and Cardiologist ALL agreed it was fine to stay on it. And everything WAS fine. The pregnancy was completely uneventful (not even any tachy or hardly any PVCs). And baby is great at 21 months now. If you had SVT during pregnancy it could deprive your baby of oxygen which can do damage.

JMO :) You do what YOU feel is best.

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