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hi all,,

i need suggestions or ideas on what this could be or test to tell the dr to run...any help is appreciated..

i am a 32 year old female, and for the last 4 years i have been having recurring chest pain.. right in between my breasts.. not a sharp pain,but this achy heavy feeling,the only thing that makes it go away is going to lay down for a few min.. i went to the dr, they did chest xrays, ekg, said i was fine and sent me home. went back quite a few times over the next couple of years, never figured out what it was, gave me acid reflux pills, didnt work, gave me anti-inflamitorys they didnt work.. said my blood pressure was high and my heart rate was pretty high as well. gave me 25mg of altenalol. that didnt help either.

then a year ago- i eneded up in the er with the chest pain and extremly high blood pressure.. they didnt really take me seriously but they did run some tests. ekg, ct scans. xrays, blood tests ...the ekg, ct scan, xrays all came back fine. but my blood tests showed elevated cardiac enzyme levels. not HIGH but elevated,they made me stay overnight to continue monitoring the blood tests.. come morning they let me go with directions to see the cariologist for a cardioecho and nuclear stress test..and to see my regular dr for a follow up for the high blood pressure.

went to see the cariologist- had the echo and stress test. both came back fine.. went to see my reg dr and he up'd my altenalol to 50 mg.. within a week the chest pains were almost gone.. just get them once in awhile.. not everyday like i was..

then 2 weeks ago, out of the blue the chest pains are back. daily .only today they were accompidied with some sweating and some pain in my back between the shoulder was the first time for the sweating and pain in shoulder blades.

since my echo and stress test came back fine, my doc says its not my heart, but is clueless about what it could be..and doenst seem all that intersted in finding the cause.

anyone else have something similar to this? any test suggestions i can pass on to my dr????



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