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I have gotten the verdict that my PAC's & PVC's are benign. That's great!! However, they are just too disruptive to my life, and I want to try to suppress them, if I can.

I've cut out caffiene, sugar, alcohol, added calcium, magnesium - you name it. No change whatsoever. So - I'm ready to try drugs.

My cardiologists nurse said "we only work with Toprol XL". Okay... that seems a bit closed minded. That is usually a bit of a red flag to me when a doctors office will only prescribe one brand name med. Cha-ching$$$$$ ????

I haven't tried the Toprol yet, but I do have a sample from them.

I've heard that some folks try a few different beta blockers before finding one that helps them out and/or one that produces less side effects.

Shouldn't my doctor be open to working with me a bit more with the meds ??

Is there any info out there to indicate that one beta blocker proves more helpful than another with suppressing PAC's & PVC's ??

Thanks for any help you can provide, I greatly appreciate it! :angel:

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