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Thanks for the posts!

Lylone - I thought the same thing that drinking would lower your heart rate. Apparently that is not true in my case. I take my beta blocker in the morning, so I'm sure that little 1.25mg is mostly worn off by the time I have a drink.

jrebecc - Good luck with the wedding planning. I, too, have anxiety problems - mostly centered around my heart. The wedding planning isn't really causing me any stress, though - I have everything mostly done already!!!! I just brought that up because the girls in my wedding party are serious party animals and I like to have a couple of drinks with them when we are out doing wedding stuff.

arvc - I don't have any heart problems, except a fast rate. My cardiologist even said he only wants me on these beta blockers for "symptom relief". I don't drink to relax. I like flavored martinis and I want to be able to have one or two with my friends if I am out. I basically just wanted to see if other people have the fast heart rate when they drink. I took my fiance's pulse one time when we were out drinking and his was fast too. I guess it can be normal. Thanks for the well wishes!

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