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[QUOTE]Lost back of heart muscle and had one stent[/QUOTE]
That's the inferior MI and gives the result , "inferior akinesis," meaning the back of the heart doesn't move (doesn't contribute to pumping.)

Now the OTHER two heart attacks/blockages...depends on where they are:
[QUOTE]SPECT sestamibi revealed inferior and inferolateral M.I.[/QUOTE]

Inferolaterolateral also means the back bottom of heart and Q-wave discrepancies. It MAY be just from the ONE heart attack becasue inferior and inferolateral aren't really very different terminologies.

[QUOTE]Ejection fraction going 55>>51>>45 [/QUOTE]means the heart attack and noncontributing right heart is having an effect on pumping ability. This is taking it's toll on the heart by making the left ventricle work harder

[QUOTE]left ventricular cavity size is dilated but in 2006 report it was normal[/QUOTE]
and thus grow larger.

I hope he is keeping his LDL as low as humanly possible and that not a day goes by without aspirin...325 mg. ("Poster adults" can't afford to play around with the kiddie doses.;) )
He should continue to exercise on a daily basis to the limit of his cardiac ability to get as much collateral circulation as he can to help his heart get good blood flow around present and future blockages.

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