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Re: Is it true...
Jun 18, 2007
[QUOTE=confused32;3052040]Beerzoids-- I have all my pain while at rest, never during exertion. I have random chest pain, left arm pain, jaw pain and breathing issues. I have been being told for the last year that is all anxiety. I do notice that sometimes when i get emotionally stressed it brings on the pain.[/QUOTE]

From briefly going over the past six months of your posts, my first thoughts about your health problems are that you may be suffering from multiple health problems. It could be that most of your health problems were brought on because of your gum and teeth disease, and possibly made worse by your ear infection and pregnancies..

When you said that you think that your hormones play a big role, I believe that to be true, but not in the way that you do. Your body has about 300 different hormones, plus many other chemicals related more to the nervous system. When there is a chemical imbalance, the hormonal system doesn't work effectively and can cause all kinds of problems like Fibro, CFS, Lupus, MS, etc.

A messed up hormonal system can cause all kinds of problems, and over many years can lead to risk of more serious health disorders, such as heart problems. Anxiety and panic can also make a messed up hormonal system react even worse. On the other hand, a messed up hormonal system can cause higher levels of anxiety and cause feelings of panic. It is a chicken and egg type of scenario.

Anyway........ I prepared a list of facts about you. If you are interested in further conversation about what I posted,, how about taking a look at them and making some corrections or comments?

Facts about Confused32:

3 daughters
age 35
atleast 1 or 2 of these symptoms EVERY DAY.
Back pain
bad teeth and gums
believes hormones play a HUGE part in palps
beta blocker 5 years, off of it.
calcium scan looks good
chest pains
chest xrays look good
Cycle got worse after the birth of 3rd child
dad had his first heart attack at 40 and died at 67 of CHF
Diarrhea, vomiting, joint and body ache after bean burrito
echo's look good
EKG's look good
excessive belching
excessive sleepiness
Extremely sensitive to caffeine
grandpa on dad's side died of a heart attack
heart fine
Hiatal Hernia
inner ear infection Dec 2006 with Labyrinthitis
IUD used before for birth control
left arm pain
left elbow pain
Left Jaw pain
muscle weakness off and on
no apparent blockages
nuclear stress test looks good
pain doesn't get worse while active.
palpitations 18 years
Palps got worse after the birth of 3rd child
panic attacks
pressure in my throat like someone hit me in the front part of my neck.
quit smoking 3 years ago
racing heart at times
random chest pain
Rarel y menstruates
server uses left arm alot
single mom
some weird breathing issue
suffered health anxiety 18 years since the birth of 1st daughter
symptoms started at age 18?
symptoms started March 2006?
teeth pains
thyroid fine

Regards, take care of yourself! :wave:

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