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I've been having issues for about a year. My BP went through the roof in May 2006. 202/120. They said I was at stroke levels. anyway I went to the emergency room about 6 times, thought I was having a heart attack. They ran EKG said no heart attack that I was having anxiety attacks. Went to the doctor and he gave me Lexapro and BP medication.. atenolol and Benicar with a water pill in it. Ran blood work and ekg and some other tests and said I was fine. About a month later I complained of shortness of breat, dizziness and weight gain. I had at that point gained about 30 pounds in that month. My legs and feet and hands were swelling. They always swell before when it was real hot but now swelling when it was hot and if I sat for long periods of time. Which I do everyday for my job. ANyway... got a new doctor. Went in told him I can't breathe very well. I mean I can't walk upstairs to go to bed without being out of breathe. Seemed to get worse when I lay down. BP going up sometimes but worse when I lay down to go to sleep. First told me that my BP was up and upped my Benicar. Then told me I couldn't breath because I had bad lungs. I am 38 years old and a smoker. They ran more blood work and a CT scan of my lungs. He said everything was normal. Cholesterol a little high but not outrageous. CT scan normal no lung cancer or anything like that. He said you have bad lungs. Then the heart echo came back. The doctors office didn't call me they sent a letter saying I needed to make an appt to get the results. Luckily I had called them and got in the next day. This was three days ago. If I had waited for the letter I'd probably be dead right now! LOL So I went in and he said my LBH was severly enlarged. I knew I had an enlarged muscle in my heart but it was never said to be SEVERELY enlarged. He said severely enlarged and my BP was 162/96 which he said was way too high. He upped my atenolol this time to lower my BP and for the enlargement. He said your on the verge of a stroke or CHF if your not already in heart failure. He ran a blood test to see if I was already in failure and is sending me to a cardiologist. I've been having alot of swelling in the feet and hands but not any real heart or chest pains.

I guess at this point my question is can this be reversed? Will the medication reverse the enlargement? I do feel better already just since he upped my atenolol and my BP has come down. IS my BP up because of the enlargment or the enlargement is caused by my BP being up? ALso he prescribed me a diuretic or water pill. I don't think it is working. Its only 25 mg and my Benicar as 12.5 mg. I dont' go to the bathroom any more often though. I seem to only go a few times a day. Should I ask him to up the diuretic? My feet are still swelling and I guess thats a sign of CHF... right?

I know the enlarged heart muscle is hereditary..... they told me that when I was 24 and my father has been in CHF for 25 years. My sister also has an enlarged heart muscle. They tell her its no big deal like they told me years ago. If I had kept taking the atenolol when they prescribed it to me when I was 24 would that have kept this from happening? Any advice would be appreciated.



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