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[FONT="Verdana"][SIZE="2"]I know there is no perfect test. What's the MOST accurate test out there though? If you got time, please read the rest of my thread.

I'm in a bit of trouble...I'm 20, male, weigh about 125 pounds, am 6'1 tall, and I've been having pretty much every heart attack symptom for the second day now.

For the past week, I've been feeling very strange heart's nothing like palpitations, but it feels like my heart is vibrating VERY hardly for a second, and it's extremely noticeable and almost painful. I always have to grab my chest when I feel it because it feels like my heart just bounced deeper into my chest then out again. The feeling is so intense that I almost cough, and I have coughed from it before. Yesterday, I was sitting in the kitchen watching something on my laptop. About two hours before this, I started feeling abnormally hot, and my stomach felt really weird too. Then while sitting, out of nowhere, the most HORRIBLE burning pressure pain appeared, a bit to the left from the center of my chest. It was so sudden that I literally jumped, and it was excruciating. As if a tiny dull burning object decided to push itself deep into my chest. I didn't have shortness of breath...but when the pain occurred, I felt a very quick numbing feeling shooting through my left arm for a split second or so too. After that, I felt some heaviness in my chest, and I pretty much walked around the house all day hoping that I will never feel that pain again. Yet the nightmarish pain still decided to appear again this morning. (still morning now, but I woke up at like 2AM :P).

I'm still not feeling out of breath, but normally it's extremely cold around this time, and I'm still feeling completely hot. I now feel a constant pressure a bit to the left of my chest and there is occasional pain appearing at random parts on the center of my chest. All of them are pains that feel like they're really deep inside of me, either burning or with pressure. There have been random times where I felt out of breath, but that could've been due to anxiety. I can feel my heart pounding, and I can feel the heaviness right where my heart is pounding too, along with pain every time I feel it beat at random times. Right now it just feels like something is holding my heart while it's beating, while my shoulder in the back is hurting a bit. It's not that horrible...but it just feels VERY heavy and uncomfortable, with this strange nauseating pain. I really can't describe it better...because there are so many pains going on.
My neck is also very hot. I'm not really sweating...but I keep wanting to take my clothes off because It feels like it's summer here (I'm in phoenix AZ btw), without air conditioning.

I want advice from people that have heart problems. I've done my research and to me all this seems like a big joke because I seem to have almost every single symptom of a heart attack. I'm also not allowed to go to the ER because I caused my parents enough problems already. :P
Nobody is at home, and if this truly is a heart attack...It would be nice that it just makes my heart stop instead of killing me slowly while I suffocate in excruciating pain. I don't want to cause my parents more problems.

I'd like to mention something else...

I'm very inactive. But the thing is...the stuff I've done in the past two months really makes me think that this can't be a heart attack. I sit on the computer all day pretty much and I'm not conditioned for any kind of extreme activities, but my friend decided to drag me with her to go caving. We were stuck in that cave for maybe 8 hours, climbing, running, walking...and falling. I overexerted my self like heck, my heart was pounding like crazy for the whole 8 hours and at times I felt like I was really about to collapse because they never wanted to give me a break......but I was completely fine, I was breathing fine (and extremely fast...), no chest pains, nothing. Yeah I felt my heart pound, and it was pounding extremely fast too, but I felt completely comfortable, like I was working out normally. My body was so worked out that I had to crawl back half way through the cave when we went back. How can I just suddenly now get a heart attack then? It would be nice if this is just some infection or whatever, but wouldn't I be feeling cold and chilly if it was a fever?

Thanks and sorry to those that read this. :][/SIZE][/FONT]

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