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Believe this goes up the left arm, but is more involved in stroke than heart attack. Chest pain, sudden sweating are more on the heart attack sign list. But, never hurts to check with a doctor when anything seems out of whack...
[QUOTE=RebelBabe820;3345845]I didn't have numbness in either arm when I had my heart attack..was walking through the house & chest pains hit from out of the blue & took my took about 20 mins before I could call a friend & call a doctor advise is reguadless of where the pain is don't chance it Please go see a doctor & don't put it off too long!!! God Bless !!![/QUOTE]

RebelBabe makes a good point. Cardiac chest pain often is vague, or dull and may be described as a pressure or band-like sensation, squeezing, heaviness, or other discomfort. A very imprecise term, angina, the definition root is from Latin meaning a strangling sensation and not pain per se.

I had a silent attack about 4 years ago no previous symptoms and became symptomic with heart failure. With that an article drew my attention, "Although one may not appreciate it when suffering from pain, angina itself is not bad. In fact it may be a blessing. Some doctors call angina God's gift to humans because many heart problems are silent until they become the cause for sudden death. Angina is an early warning sign that something is wrong. Its presence may help identify those at risk of a heart attack so that one can seek proper treatment."

You should see a doctor for your symptoms.

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