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about 9-10 days ago, about midnight til i went to sleep at 2-3 am, i was having chest pains. not severe pains but definitely bothersome. i'm 24 and have some problems with acid reflux but it didn't feel like reflux. i was expereincing a lot of gas/burping at the time, but i get that a lot an it never causes chest pain.

the following day my left arm was aching and felt sore to the touch. later that night my shoulder blade was hurting pretty bad and i had tingling, pinprick-like feelings in both my arm and chest.
the day after, my whole arm hurt more, and felt heavy and hard to move. still had the off and on tingling.
the last few days the pain in my arm has been much better but i still have some pain and tightness under my arm and at the inside of my elbow. my right arm has begun feeling a little the same, and i have had some tightness across my chest as well. my fingertips have also been going numb.

my symptoms seem to fall in both the stroke and heart attack categories, but also, i think, for that of a pinched nerve. i went to the dr yesterday but didn't feel he spent much time trying to determine what's wrong. he kinda wrote off the idea of serious problems due to my age. the dr moved my arms around and stuff, saying if it were a pinched nerve, it should cause pain, but it didn't. he suggested i see my chiropractor (which i go to for some back problems).

i'm perplexed and don't know how worried i should be...
if i had had a mild heart attack/issue, would it cause lingering arm pain (4+ days was the worst of it) and these other symptoms?

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