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a 4 second pause on holter is significant.

your family history of heart attacks really isnt related. Look at your heart as 2 systems
plumbing and electrical
a heart attack is a problem with the plumbing
an arrythmia is a problem with the electrical.

sick sinus syndrome or "brady tachy" is an electrical problem, where the heart races ( 133 is high) and then pauses for 4 seconds states there might be a problem with the pacemaker of your heart ( the sinus node)

are you on any medications?
substance abuser?

If you continue to have significant pauses like this, a permanent pacemaker might be in order.
If your symptoms worsen or you feel faint or pass out, go to emerg and tell them what the holter showed and tell them the symptoms are getting worse

a loop recorder might help, where you push the botton to record when you feel unwell, they will then analyze the rythym at that time

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