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why does my heart jump all of a sudden?
maybe your having a unusal beat
so is that okay?:confused: i started having it last year i think or maybe the year b4 that.but at first it was very suddle and it really happened only once in a blue moon so i didnt think much of it.but over time it became more noticeable and a little more frequent, especially this year.i doesnt hurt its just really weird.especially because i never had this b4 and i cant explain it.i'm not afraid i'm just curious.
I have several questions for you.

1. How old are you?
2. Are you slightly overweight?
3 Do you see blue spots upon standing up?
4. Does this happen when active and when at rest?

Depending on the answers, I my know something about this from experience.
i'm 19 yrs old,5'6 110 pds.the jumps mostly happened when i was at rest.only once when i was exceited because i was talking to my brother.and i didnt see any spots.everything is normal...its just once in a while it'll do that.maybe its skipping a beat? but if so why?i know i havent excercised in a long time,could that be why? u think i should do cardio exercise to retrain my heart?i mean it is a muscle right?
When my daughter was 16, she was 5' 2" and weighed about 135 pounds.

She started noticing her heart feeling like it was flopping around inside her chest. Sometimes she would have blue spots appear.

After wearing a halter monitor for 2 weeks that showed nothing, the neurologist performed a "tilt test". He found that she had dysautonomia.

He perscribed meds which helped. The best thing that worked for her was losing weight. It went away for several year until she got pregnant and gained weight.

This may not be your problem. Maybe you can search dysautonomia just to see the symptoms.
it doesnt sound like you need to lose wt
maybe it is low iron or potassium
something a doctor needs to check out first and see if you have a heart problem

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